‘The Client List:’ True Story Based On Healing Touch, Odessa, Texas Disgrace


The Client List 2010 Lifetime movie is based on the Big Spring-Odessa, Texas scandal. Jennifer Love Hewitt heard about the story and secured life rights. The names of the real people were changed in the movie and many of the newspapers. Allegedly, The Client List based its information on the Texas Monthly article.


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The Client List: Movies Based on True Stories

The real story happened in 2004, and the Healing Touch in Big Spring was the setting. At first, no one suspected anything since salon owners Kathy and Sharon Joyner were very careful about the women they hired. In the true story, they also didn’t wear sexy clothes. The girls were told to dress modestly.

The Client List Workers Names

  • Melinda was in her mid-thirties with long hair and considered to be the wild one.
  • Paige had blonde hair. She was ladylike and sophisticated. Like Melinda, she was in her thirties.
  • Lexus, age 22, was the bubbliest of them all. With a petite frame, the former homecoming queen and cheerleader was the main attraction. She took the job seriously and shot her way to the top. The men adored her, and the cash rolled in.

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character is based on Crystal Burchett aka Crystal Green of Big Spring, Texas, according to court records.

The story busted open when police raided the place on May 27, 2004. The paranoid wives went crazy as they turned their husbands’ name into police to find out if they were on the client list. The investigation led to the arrest of nearly 70 people. Lexus and some of her coworkers told it all. They received light sentences in exchange for their cooperation. Some of the people on the client list included an insurance company owner, a teacher, a rancher, and a preacher.

A woman named Francisca told me a few years back that she quit The Healing Touch and tried to get Lexus to leave, so she could clean herself up. She said many of the ladies were vulnerable because they had substance abuse habits they needed to pay for.

The story fascinated Jennifer Love Hewitt. She researched the industry when she took on the role and even signed up for dance classes to help her with her moves. Jennifer Love Hewitt wanted her shape to be seductive and voluptuous like the real women, so she didn’t work out for the part.

The Client List is not based on the case of Cynthia Martinez, though the story is almost identical. The Martinez scandal happened in late 2009. In 2012, The Client List was turned into a television series.

Tomorrow night, Lifetime television will debut another movie called The Madam of Purity Falls. It is very similar to The Healing Touch salon scandal. For those who missed The Client List the first time around, Lifetime is airing it again tomorrow at p.m.
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