‘Murder Board An Evil Affair’: Watch Linda Marie Brown (Linda Bailey–David Brown) Case


Murder Board: “An Evil Affair” tells the Linda Marie Brown (Linda Bailey) murder case on Investigation Discovery. David Brown, Linda Brown’s husband, masterminded the plot to kill her for the insurance money. On the  Murder Board: “An Evil Affair” episode, the story is told from the perspective of the detectives and the youngest daughter. This crime TV show also details how detectives use a murder board to solve criminal cases.


Murder Board episode “An Evil Affair” on ID Channel

When Orange County detectives arrive at a home and find a young housewife dead in her bed, they think it’s a simple case of murder. But the twists and turns lead detectives through a maze of suspects under one roof with a surprise ending.


Watch Murder Board: “An Evil Affair” tonight at 10/9 p.m. on Investigation Discovery. There was also a movie made about this case years ago. To find out the name of the movie and to get an update on where the actual killer Cinnamon Brown is now, read the next article.


[Main image via Investigation Discovery/with permission]



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