Cinnamon Brown: Where Is ‘If You Really Loved Me,’ Love, Lies, And Murder’ Killer Today?


Cinnamon Brown, a 14-year-old teen, shot and killed twenty-three-year-old stepmother Linda Bailey (Linda Brown) over 30 years ago. The Lifetime true-story movie Love, Lies, and Murder was based on her true story. Ann Rule’s true crime book, “If You Really Loved Me,” also discussed the case. Where is Cinnamon Brown now? Many want to know whatever happened to the California teen killer. First, a look back at the California criminal case that riveted residents and media outlets. By the way, this is all coming up again because a brand new television series is airing the story. (Read about that here.)


Linda Bailey Brown: From Living in Trailers to Upscale Living

Linda Bailey (Linda Brown) was raised by a single mother, along with ten other siblings. According to Ann Rule’s book, they grew up poor and lived in trailer parks most of their lives. Sweet Linda met David Brown in the neighborhood. David, who lived down the street and was several years older, was often seen in muscle shirts while working on his car. He loved taking the neighborhood girls to buy ice cream cones.


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To adults, David Arnold Brown was creepy. But to the young people, he was cool enough to talk to. Much later, Linda fell madly in love with him. By then, the computer entrepreneur and inventor was earning over $100,000 a year. Linda’s mother didn’t mind since he was going to give her daughter a charmed life.


Here Comes Patti

After they married, David and Linda Brown moved to a large home in the Garden Grove Community in Orange County, California. Married life served Linda well, and soon she gave birth to a baby girl named Krystal. Before long, their family grew even larger. First, her troubled sister Patti Bailey needed a place to stay because she was having problems at home. David welcomed her with open arms and always seemed to have a pleasant way about him. Having heard how well Linda was living, she was excited to have a different life of her own. She was shocked when she walked into her beautifully decorated, fully furnished bedroom.

Next came David Brown’s 14-year-old daughter, Cinnamon, from a previous marriage. She was also having a hard time with her mother. With a full house, they had a few normal spats. Though, for the most part, they appeared to be a close-knit family.


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Mother Shot Dead In Bed With Baby Nearby

By 1985, everything had changed. Suddenly, the family found themselves in chaos and defending themselves against a murder charge. It was one night in March when Linda Brown left the family room to go to bed because she was tired and not feeling well. The baby was in the crib fast asleep, and David Brown, who suffered from insomnia, left the house for a midnight drive. When he returned home, all hell had broken loose.

Patti Bailey met him at the door and was hysterical. She screamed for him to call 911. After arriving, detectives found the corpse of a pretty blonde-haired woman lying on her back in bed with two gunshot wounds to the chest. Her baby was nearby in another room. Linda’s dead body was lifted onto a gurney and transported to the coroner’s office for an autopsy.

Insisting that Cinnamon Brown had killed Linda, David and Patti told detectives Cinnamon was crazy and liked to talk to imaginary friends. Orange County detectives searched the residence and were unable to find Cinnamon. The next morning, they found her lying in her vomit in the dog house.

It appeared she had tried to commit suicide by taking pills. A handwritten note and a confession led to her arrest for first-degree murder. By the looks of it, police had an open and shut case. But days later, Cinnamon Brown changed her entire story, telling officers that she couldn’t remember anything. One detective always knew there was something more to the murder case than he was seeing. The suicide note seemed fake, and Cinnamon’s amnesia story wasn’t holding up.


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David Brown Marries Dead Wife’s Sister

The case theory shifted when the gun residue results returned, showing Patti Brown had residue on her hand. Was she the shooter? Was she jealous of her sister? Did she want Linda Brown’s life? It was a possibility. Detective Jay Newell kept his eye on David. He suspected that David was sleeping with Patti Bailey. After Linda’s death, David Brown cashed in an almost $1 million life insurance policy, and then he eventually married his dead wife’s sister and moved to an exclusive part of Anaheim Hills. Their new house was large, lavish, and outfitted with a swimming pool.

David Brown was their prime suspect. Detective Newell knew in his heart that David Brown had killed Linda Brown for the insurance money. And worse, he made his daughter take the fall for it. At Cinnamon Brown’s trial, she was on her own. David acted like his daughter no longer existed. His excuse was that he was in too much emotional pain to attend.



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Quote: (Det. Jay Newell)

“This guy is out living the high life. His daughter is rotting in a juvenile prison.”


After she was in prison, David Brown started coming back around. He gave her gifts and money, hoping to keep her from revealing their murderous secret. Then he abandoned Cinnamon again. David never told Cinnamon that he had married Patti Brown and had a baby with her. Time passed as detectives mulled over scenarios. Now and then, detectives would visit Cinnamon Brown in prison, hoping she’d crack.

Saying David Brown had a shady past is an understatement. He loved females, and they had to be young and pretty. Detectives say he was an addict, often having intimate relations three or four times a day. Secreting away to do it in different parts of the house gave him an emotional and physical rush of power.


Cinnamon Brown’s Confession

In 1988, Cinnamon Brown’s world had changed. She had many devoted friends and finally received the therapy she needed. Her mind was crystal clear now that she was no longer under her father’s spell. But the walls of her cell closed in when she found out Patti Brown and David Brown were living together and married. Blinded by bitterness and betrayal, she decided to talk to investigators, sending the case spinning on its head.

Cinnamon Brown said it was true that she had killed her stepmother, Linda Brown. However, her father David Brown told her to do it, and Patti helped. Police wanted to set up David Brown, so Cinnamon begged him to visit her. Detectives eavesdropped as David made many incriminating statements. He was later arrested, along with Patti Bailey.

Life was tough for Patti Bailey when she was placed in the same prison as Cinnamon Brown. The young women came to the same realization; they had both been duped by predator David Brown. Meanwhile, David sat in jail and tried to manipulate anyone he could. One more calculating move sank him deeper into trouble. In jail, David Brown asked an inmate to help him kill the district attorney, Jay Newell, and Patti Bailey. The inmate went to the authorities instead.

At David Brown’s trial, Cinnamon Brown and Patti Bailey, the state’s star witnesses, told the court David plotted to murder Linda. They agreed to it because David said Linda was going to kill him, and they were afraid that with David dead, they might end up poor again. He also brainwashed them as they played family games, such as “Cinnamon Kisses” and “Ways to Kill Linda.” Then he told them, “If you loved me, you would do this for me.”

On the night of the killing, David Brown gave Cinnamon the gun, drugged her after she refused to shoot herself, and convinced her to write a suicide note. Then he went night-riding while he waited for the girls to kill the mother of his baby. For the murder of Linda Brown, David Brown was sentenced to life with no chance of parole.


What Happened to Cinnamon Brown after she left prison?

After serving four years in prison, Cinnamon Brown was released. Detective Jay Newell supported and helped her adjust to life on the outside. He always believed she got a raw deal.

According to public records, Cinnamon Brown married Frank Leonard Pedulla in Nevada in 1993 when he was 25-years-old. Her husband allegedly committed suicide at the age of 40. So far, there is no more information about his death. An Orange County record reads this way.

  • [Barber, Frank Pedulla Jr., died March 8, 2006, of causes yet to be determined. He left behind a wife, Cinnamon, and a son.]
  • In 2004, Cinnamon appeared in a true-crime documentary called The Investigators: “A Daughter’s Love.”
  • Cinnamon Brown Pedulla later married a man in law enforcement, and her named changed to Cinnamon Andrade. She currently lives in Orange County, California. It looks like she’s living a wonderful life and is happy. Her Facebook intro says simply, “Smiling.”



Linda and David Brown’s daughter, Krystal Hinton, was raised by David Brown’s mother. She was told her mother died in an auto accident. The truth came out when she was about 13-years-old. Today, she is a writer and has a Facebook page dedicated to her mother. In earlier posts, she said she’d like to get in touch with Cinnamon and Patti.


“I need to make amends with them. I don’t blame either of them for what happened and would love to get to know my sisters.() Patti and Cinnamon if you guys happen to be following the page I hope you two can see that no matter what I love you guys. It doesn’t matter if we have officially met and talked or not. What matters is that you and everyone else knows that you are forgiven and I look forward to seeing you and getting to know you and the families I was taken from. Take care everyone! Much love to you all! ❤️❤️”


In another post, she goes on this way.

I think it’s time I told you all something. I finally met Patti face to face a little while back. I’ll tell you all the truth, I couldn’t cry. It’s not from lack of emotion at all. It’s from the fact that I came to terms with everything long ago and forgave her long before I ever even talked to her. It’s true I have never ever been [an emotional] person at all. Even my husband has only seen me cry once or twice in the 15 years we’ve been together. Sure I might get misty-eyed but that’s it. I’ll tell you guys she did cry a lot and I knew she had to let it all out. All I could do was hug her and tell her it’s ok, I forgive her completely and blame her for absolutely nothing. She was a victim just as much as me in my eyes. I plan on spending time with her more and getting to know her better. We have a lot to catch up on after all.

I need to tell you all that the woman some of you hate is not existent. What you’ve read and heard and seen on tv is not the same person I met. Keep in mind this tragedy happened over 30 years ago. I know she has changed a lot since then and I can only imagine the pain and heartache and torment she went through.

People change a lot in 30 years. And me and her are ready for a new beginning. 😊 You need to know why I’m not emotional huh? It’s not from a lack of trying I can tell you that. Truth is, I’ve cried all the tears I can. I’ve cried tears of pain, joy, anger, frustration, sadness, and depression. I’m not trying to say you all haven’t done your fair share of crying. I just mean that for my self I can’t do it anymore. It’s like trying to squeeze juice from a rock. Honestly you all only know a fraction of my life. I’m still working on my book/story so you all can know the rest. If you want small stories then let me know and I can post some just to give you a glimpse into my past.)”


Patti Bailey Brown served just four years in prison. Det. Jay Newell said she is also living a productive life.

  • David Brown died in prison at the age of 61 from natural causes in 2014.


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The story was also featured on ID’s show Perfect Murder episode “Daddy Dearest.” Watch the true story Lifetime movie: Love, Lies, and Murder, which aired on NBC for the first time on February 17, 1991. It was a two-part miniseries that ran on Sunday and Monday nights at 8 p.m. The courtroom and family drama-murder mystery later ran on Lifetime Television for several years. The Love, Lies, and Murder movie cast starred Clancy Brown, Moira Kelly, Sheryl Lee, and Tom Bower.


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