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Tammy Lohr and Patrick Bradford’s night shift murder case airs on Primal Instinct: “Slow Burn” on Investigation Discovery. Patrick Bradford, also known as Glenn Patrick Bradford, a married cop, killed his 24-year-old lover, file clerk Tamara Sue Lohr almost 30 years ago in Evansville, Indiana when she threatened to reveal the deadly affair to his wife, The Tennessean reported.


Primal Instinct episode “Slow Burn” on Investigation Discovery

When a file clerk turns up dead in a mysterious fire, detectives uncover that she engaged in a heated affair with a married cop, who might have desired to extinguish her forever.

Boeke Road, August 2, 1992

Neighbors woke up to firetrucks blazing down their quiet street. Investigators had been dispatched to a house at 1106 S. Boeke Road for an apparent fire. When they stepped inside, they found the corpse burning on a mattress. The victim was identified as Tammy Lohr (Tamra Lohr). Evansville police officer Glenn Patrick Bradford said he called in the fire and tried to rescue the victim but was unable to save her life.

At the crime scene, detectives found an empty gas can, which held the liquid that was doused on the mattress. They deduced that someone stood in the doorway of the bedroom when they ignited the fire. An autopsy found approximately 21 puncture wounds in Tammy Lohr’s body. Now, the question was who was responsible for her stabbing death?

As police sifted through her background, knowledge of an affair between Tammy Lohr and officer Patrick Bradford was revealed. Patrick Bradford’s wife found out about the affair through an anonymous letter, prompting him to break up with Tammy. Investigators also learned Tammy Lohr was unwilling to walk away from the relationship, and when Patrick Bradford tried to break it off, she threatened to tell his wife. A month later, she was found dead in her bedroom.

Was Tammy Lohr’s threat enough to push the married police officer to murder? Detectives believe that was precisely the motive. Prosecutors say after Patrick Bradford finished the night shift at the station, he doubled back to Tammy Lohr’s home and killed her between 11 p.m. and midnight. Then he set the blaze. An effort to cover the crime by staging the scene to make it look like a break-in and constructing an alibi did him no good. Detectives still had enough to make an arrest. Catching Bradford speeding past a bank camera around the time of the murder aided in the investigation.

Tammy Lohr’s mother was shocked and angry that she lost her daughter to senseless violence. She hoped justice would give her daughter some peace. Patrick Bradford denied killing Tammy and compared his case to the crucifixion of Christ, believing he was wrongly accused and convicted just like Jesus. At trial, he was found guilty of arson and murder and given 80 years in prison. He showed no remorse because he kept insisting he didn’t do it. People who knew Patrick Bradford say he was very aggressive. By looking at his picture, you can see the meanness in his eyes.


The investigation of the Tammy Lohr murder started today when her body was discovered inside her home after the EFD put…

Posted by Guy Minnis on Thursday, August 2, 2018


Side Notes Regarding Patrick Bradford & Tammy Lohr’s Case

Guy Minnis made the following statement about the case a few days ago.

  • “Investigation Discovery will air the story about the Tammy Lohr murder case on Thursday, July 18th, at 9 PM EST. The name of the program is called “Primal Instinct.” It is Episode 4. I do not know how good this program will be. All I can say is that it was the worst experience I have ever had doing an interview for a program. I do not have high hopes at this time, but maybe I will be wrong and it will be done very well.”
  • “Tammy Lohr was murdered by her boyfriend, Patrick Bradford, in the early 90s. Patrick was a married EPD Officer and was working third shift in uniform when he went to Tammy’s house and stabbed her to death while on duty. I was the lead investigator on this case.”
  • “I worked exclusive on this case for 10 months. Tammy was murdered in August and Patrick was arrested in September and the trial was the following June. Patrick was found guilty on all the charges – Murder and Arson and was sentenced to the maximum allowable sentence of 80 years.”
  • “If memory serves me correctly he will have served his sentence and will be released from prison in September 2028. This case was not a death penalty case so he could not be charged with the death penalty.”

These are the major players in this case:

  • • Vanderburgh County Circuit Court Judge Rick Young is now a Federal Judge.• Vanderburgh County Prosecutor Stan Levco is now a private attorney.• Vanderburgh County Deputy Prosecutor Brett Niemeier is now a Vanderburgh County Superior Court Judge.• Evansville Police Detective Guy Minnis was the lead investigator and is now retired.• Evansville Police Crime Scene Tech Mike for was the lead Crime Scene Tech and is now retired.• Evansville Fire Department Fire Investigator Jesse Storey was the lead Fire Investigator and is now retired.

  • “The Vanderburgh County Coroner’s Office, the ATF, FBI, and Indiana State Police assisted in this case. We (the entire investigative team) went to Washington D.C. to speak with Rick Miller, the top Fire Investigator for the ATF about this case. Rick taught cause and origin of fires to ATF Agents. Rick used the ATF’s supercomputer program to build a mockup of Tammy’s bedroom and the fire and it completely backed up Fire Investigator Jesse Storey’s facts on the fire.”
  • “We also spoke with the FBI Behavioral Science Unit about this case. The Behavior Science Unit said that Patrick fit the profile of the killer. Lastly, we had a company investigate if a French spy satellite that was flying over the USA at the time of the murder had taken any images in our area. This was a costly and time-consuming venture, but no images were taken in our area.”
  • “We did everything humanly possible to determine if Patrick Bradford was or was not the murderer of Tammy Lohr and everyone that worked on this case was unanimous, we were all absolutely certain that Patrick Bradford was the murderer.
  • “Patrick’s family members believe we “railroaded” Patrick and that all these agencies conspired to put an innocent man in prison. Not once has any member of the Bradford family asked to sit down with me and talk to me about this case. I have always been willing.”
  • “Patrick has completed a college degree from Oakland City University while in prison and he still maintains his innocence. He has exhausted all of his appeals. Patrick was a notorious liar before and during this case and is still lying to this day. He has caused much pain and anguish for his family and the Tammy Lohr family. May he rot in hell forever.”


Conversations Around the Web

Kim DeWitt says

She and I worked in the jail at that time. She called him “my Pat” but she sure didn’t deserve that. I have it set to record. Thanks Guy!

David Myers says

I was on EFD at the time. Also, Bradford did side work at Buehler’s on Main St and I talked to him often there and at car accidents. He’s such an unemotional, cowardly turd.

Christi Hill Tooley says

It angers me greatly that he was allowed to obtain a degree from OCU…..my hometown!! And on the taxpayers’ dollar!!!!!😡😡😡

Glenn Patrick Bradford is housed at the Branchville Correctional Facility. His earliest release date is listed as September of 2028. To learn more about the former Booneville High School volleyball player and her killer, watch Primal Instinct: “Slow Burn” tonight at 9 p.m. on Investigation Discovery channel.


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