‘Murder in the Thirst’: Watch Lance Herndon—‘Who Killed Atlanta’s Playboy?’ A Black Gatsby Tale


Murder in the Thirst: “Who Killed Atlanta’s Playboy?”–is sort of a Black Gatsby tale about the slaying of Lance Herndon, airing on BET. The Lance Herndon episode has been featured in several true crime documentaries. But Murder in the Thirst: “Who Killed Atlanta’s Playboy?” brings you a different slant, which focuses on African American-based murder stories that are driven by glamour and money. Plus, find out the latest regarding Lance Herndon’s killer, Dionne Baugh.


Murder in the Thirst episode “Who Killed Atlanta’s Playboy?” on BET Synopsis

“Millionaire Lance Herndon is murdered after his lavish birthday bash, and his bedroom seems like a revolving door of lovers as it becomes the focus of the criminal investigation.”


Previous Documentaries about Lance Herndon and Dionne Baugh

Fatal Attraction: “Millionaire Murder”

Nightmare Next Door: “Sex, Money and Murder”

Snapped: “Dionne Baugh”

Main Street Mysteries: “A Jealous Rage”

Scorned: Love Kills: “The Millionaire’s Mistress”

Murder in the Thirst: “Who Killed Atlanta’s Playboy?”


Murder in the Thirst: “Who Killed Atlanta’s Playboy?” airs tonight at 9/8 p.m. on BET (Black Entertainment Television). Read up on Lance Herndon’s timeline here.



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