Thadeshia Clark, Omar Savior: Watch ‘For My Man Baited By Love’ Marietta, Georgia ‘Met Online’ Murder


Thadeshia Clark and Omar Savior, two lovers who were convicted in the May 30, 2016 murder of Omar Savior, will have their story featured on TV One’s For My Man tonight. The For My Man episode is titled “Baited by Love.” Thadeshia Clark was a pretty college student who had everything going for her but gave it all up for the man in her life. Cobb County detectives believe there was nothing she wouldn’t do for love, and for that loyalty, she paid a hefty price.


For My Man: “Baited by Love”

When a beautiful college student meets a handsome bad boy, her loyalty to him takes a sinister turn when she agrees to help him commit a crime.




Omar Savior, 35, vanished after he left his Sandy Springs, Georgia apartment to meet a girl in Marietta that he’d met online for a night of birthday romance. Instead, he was lured inside the home and shot and killed by twenty-three-year-old Omar Savior. The girl at the center of the case was none other than Thadeshia Clark, age 20.


Posted by Justice for Howard on Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Howard Sewell’s body was found dumped behind an auto body shop off of Marietta Highway.┬áHe worked as an employee at Van Michael Salon in Sandy Springs. This story exemplifies how one person can enter your life and change its entire path. For his death, Omar Savior and Thadeshia Clark were sentenced to life in prison.

As for the other people involved, such as Chris Hanna, join the Justice for Howard Facebook page for updates. For My Man airs tonight on TV One. Check your local listing for the exact hour.

[Image via Georgia Department of Corrections]



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