Brenda Delgado: Watch Trial Live, Murder of Kendra Hatcher Case


Brenda Delgado is on trial for the murder of Texas dentist Kendra Hatcher. Law & Crime is airing the case live on their website and YouTube channel. TV Crime Sky brought you the true crime story last November when Kristopher Love, a hitman hired by Delgado, was convicted and sentenced to death for killing Kendra Hatcher. Getaway driver Crystal Cortes was given a sentence of 35 years.

According to Texas prosecutors, Brenda Delgado was so jealous of her ex-boyfriends’ new woman that she hired Kristopher Love to get rid of her. Delgado was obsessed with her ex and carried a deep hatred for Kendra Hatcher. In 2015, the police were dispatched to the Uptown parking garage on Cedar Springs Road, where they found a fatally wounded Dr. Kendra Hatcher. Investigators say she was murdered after she parked her car. A video camera captured a man in the garage, walking toward the area where Kendra’s car was parked. The victim’s body was found a short time later.

A gunshot residue expert took the stand today, stating that Kendra Hatcher had gunshot residue on the back of both hands, indicating she was in close proximity when the gun was fired. There’s also the possibility that she had her hands up and crossed on the back of her head when she was shot execution style.

In the prosecutor’s opening statements, he alleged that the death of Kendra Hatcher was a high-profile case. Kendra had no idea that her new boyfriend had this type of relationship drama behind him. She knew nothing about Brenda Delgado. But Brenda knew everything about Kendra. The Brenda Delgado Trial resumes in the afternoon. You can watch it live here.



UPDATE: Brenda Delgado was found guilty and convicted in the murder of Kendra Hatcher. Delgado received a sentence of life in prison.


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Traciy Curry-Reyes

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