‘Murder Loves Company’: Watch ‘Nightmare On Bennington Drive,’ Profiling Florida Death Row Case


Murder Loves Company, a true crime television show, airs tonight on Investigation Discovery. The episode titled “Nightmare on Bennington Drive” tells the story of Delores Futrell, an elderly woman who was killed by her neighbor, a young buck named Randall Deviney. Deviney received a death sentence for her murder.


Murder Loves Company: “Nightmare on Bennington Drive” on Investigation Discovery Synopsis

A charming neighborhood in Jacksonville, Florida, seems like the perfect place for a lovely elderly woman. But after the sweet grandmother is found dead in her home, detectives believe her killer is someone she knows.


Murder Loves Company: “Nightmare on Bennington Drive” airs tonight at 10/9 p.m. on ID. Read the story of Delores Futrell here.


[Image via Investigation Discovery/used with permission]



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