‘Deadly Honeymoon’: Movie True Story Based On George Allen Smith, Jennifer Hagel


‘Deadly Honeymoon,’ the true story Lifetime movie based on George Allen Smith and Jennifer, originally aired on Lifetime in April 2010. Today, it still airs from time to time, and according to Lifetime’s latest TV guide, it airs tomorrow morning on Lifetime Movie Network (LMN). Most of you know by now the real names were changed to Lindsey Ross Forrest and Trevor Forrest.


Deadly Honeymoon on Lifetime Movie Network (LMN) Synopsis

When a bride and groom board a cruise ship, they expect to enjoy the perfect honeymoon. The honeymoon turns deadly after the bride is found unconscious and the groom goes missing. Did this pretty blonde bride push her husband overboard?


Deadly Honeymoon True Story: Husband Goes Missing on Honeymoon

The true story that inspired the movie made headlines after George A. Smith disappeared somewhere between Turkey and Greece from a cruise ship during his honeymoon on July 5, 2005. According to authorities, George Smith and Jennifer Hagel boarded the Royal Caribbean Cruise: Brilliance Of The Seas.

According to patrons, George Allen Smith drank heavily and partied with some Russian passengers. Witnesses say he drank Absinthe. At some point, George Smith was led to his room. Meanwhile, his bride Jennifer had passed out in another part of the ship.

By the next morning, Jennifer Hagel woke up in a haze and was informed that blood was in her cabin and that her husband was missing. George Smith vanished into thin air in the middle of the dark ocean. His body was never found.

George Allen Smith (26) of Greenwich, Connecticut, in the United States, went missing in the eastern Mediterranean from…

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No one ever knew what happened to him, and no one was ever charged in the case. Jennifer Hagel received a settlement of one million dollars from the Royal Caribbean cruise line. George Smith’s family believes that their son was murdered and is appealing the case. Jennifer Hagel became engaged to Jeff Agne in 2009.

At the following website, you’ll find a detailed timeline of the case. Here’s something eerie. At that website, you’ll find information that had been available in a Wikipedia entry, and that entry was mysteriously deleted years ago. Red from the blog Honeymoon Cruise Mystery, was able to save the entire record before it also vanished forever.

On May 28, 2012: The FBI obtained incriminating evidence of a video of four Russian men who were bragging about tossing George Smith overboard. In what looked like a homemade video, the Russian men laughed and mocked George Smith.

One person had this to say about the case,

“If you are American and have never had true Absinthe, it will definitely do a number on you. I have been in the () business for () years, and several years ago got completely smashed on it at a wedding party in London….ended up asleep in the corner till 6:00 AM.  [It] will erase your memory. Unfortunately, this sounds like a guy who trusted the wrong people.”

Jennifer Hagel won a settlement in the case. In 2009, she became engaged to another man. George Allen Smith’s death is still unsolved.


Summer Glau – Deadly Honeymoon

Summer Glau stars in Lifetime's Deadly Honeymoon.

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Summer Glau and Chris Carmack look like the perfect couple in the drama "Deadly Honeymoon" airing today at 2PM on Lifetime Movie Network. Movies > Deadly Honeymoon (2010): http://bit.ly/1L7czn9

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Deadly Honeymoon airs tonight on Lifetime Movie Network. Check local listing for exact times.

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