Nicholas Sheley: Watch ‘See No Evil The Blood Trail,’ Airing Jill & Tom Estes Spree Killing


Nicholas Sheley, a spree killer who murdered eight people, including high school sweethearts Jill Estes, 54, and Tom Estes, 54, in the summer of 2008, will have his story aired on Investigation Discovery’s See No Evil. The episode featuring the Nicholas Sheley case is called “The Blood Trail.” Bad Boy Nicholas Sheley went on a killing spree across two states: Illinois and Missouri. ID’s See No Evil: “The Blood Trail,” will talk more in-depth about Jill Estes and Tom Estes, a lovely couple from Sherwood, Arkansas, who was attacked outside of a hotel after leaving a graduation party. Their dead bodies were later found discarded behind a gas station dumpster, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.


See No Evil episode “The Blood Trail” on ID

A receipt leads police to a CCTV video that uncovers the identity of a spree killer, who savagely murdered a couple in cold blood in Festus, Missouri.


Though the ex-con slaughtered eight people without remorse, Nicholas Troy Sheley was only convicted of the murder of Ronald Randall. The motive, police say, was robbery. Those who knew Tom Estes said he was a hard-working family man who worked faithfully at Union Pacific Railroad for thirty years. His wife, Jill Estes, was remembered as a kind and loving woman who loved children and animals. She worked for many years at Pulaski County Special School District.




Watch the story of Nicholas Sheley and Tom and Jill Estes on See No Evil: “The Blood Trail” tonight at 9 p.m., on ID. Catch up on last week’s episode.


[Main image via St. Louis Post-Dispatch]