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Regina Louise’s Lifetime true story TV movie I Am Somebody’s Child airs tomorrow on the Lifetime Network. For more than 16 years, Regina Louise, an African American woman, has tried to bring her true story about growing up in the foster care system into the spotlight. I Am Somebody’s Child tells the story of a black girl who is bounced to thirty different foster homes until she finds a home filled with love by a white group home counselor. Her comfort and safety vanishes after Regina Louise is ripped from the arms of the only woman who ever told her she loved her. It’s a sad story but one filled with triumph and a happy ending.


Lifetime Movie: I Am Somebody’s Child: The Regina Louise Story

After her birth mother abandons her, a black child drifts through various foster care homes until a white woman at the Edgar Children’s Shelter in Martinez, California battles the legal system to adopt her.


Jeanne Kerr tried to legally adopt Regina Louise. But a judge told her that a white mother would be unqualified to care for the needs of a black child. With their hearts broken, Regina and Jeanne never thought they’d see each other again.



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2003, almost thirty years later, Regina Louise finally reunited with Jeanne Kerr after searching for her for years. She went back to the same family court that had rejected them earlier so she could move forward with the adoption. Regina Louise finally got her wish. Jeanne Kerr is now her adoptive mother. Kerr confided in Regina that she was her first child and that she never stopped loving her. Since the age of 13, Regina has held onto the fond memories of her foster mother, not the biological mother who abandoned her at a Texas home. She describes the following, according to Narratively.

“There was the blue corduroy dress she’d hand-sewn, rainbows in my favorite colors arching across the breastbone. There was the way she called me “Sweetheart” or “Punkin,” the way she smelled of Cream of Wheat, warmed milk, vanilla and brown sugar.”


According to NPR, “Somebody’s Someone,” a book about Regina’s true story goes into more details. Jeanne Kerr’s name was changed in the book to Claire Kennedy.

Regina Louise is not only an author but a motivational speaker who continues to shed light on the neglect of a defective foster care system—a system filled with abusive foster parents who crush the emotional spirits of problematic children who need unconditional love. Regina truly believes the love and kindness Jeanne Kerr showed is what helped her throughout her life when no one else seemed to want her, not even her real parents.


Watch I Am Somebody’s Child on Lifetime at 8/7 p.m. Central. For more movies based on true stories visit here.



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