‘Dateline NBC 11 Minutes’: Reporting Madison Holton Fatal Sunday Shooting Of Parents


Dateline NBC‘s “11 Minutes” episode focuses on Madison Holton, an Alabama teen formerly accused of murdering his parents. Madison Holton speaks out for the very first time about the night his mother and father were savagely murdered in their home, and the horror he experienced after he was charged with killing them. Today, Madison Holton professes his innocence and describes what life is like for him now.

In the Dateline NBC TV show episode titled “11 Minutes,” Madison Holton tells Dateline NBC reporters that he’s positive the police will try to put him back in jail. The case came to the attention of the public in 2016, when Michael Holton came home on a Sunday afternoon and found evidence that his son, Madison Holton, had thrown a party at his house without permission and left it trashed. Mike Holton called the police and then handcuffed his son. When police arrived, they saw 17-year-old Madison in handcuffs but left only to return minutes later to find one person dead and the other suffering from a gunshot wound. Madison Holton was still wearing the handcuffs.


Teenager Madison Holton tells Dateline: “I Have No Doubt In My Mind That The Sheriff Will Try To Put Me Back In Jail” Dateline’s ‘11 Minutes’ Airs TONIGHT at 10pm on NBC Watertown

Posted by NBC Watertown on Friday, April 19, 2019

Police named the deceased as Electic Mayor Mike Holton and his wife, 37-year-old April Diane Owenby Holton. Years earlier, Madison Holton’s parents remembered him as the sweetest little boy. But as the years progressed, they faced the same problems many parents have faced while raising a teen. Tough love seemed to be the answer to getting Madison back on track. But how did they end up dead?

To get a full understanding of the story, Sheriff Bill Franklin will speak to Dateline NBC on camera, along with Chris Owenby, an uncle, and Hannah Traylor, a former classmate.



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