‘Betrayed By Love’: True Story Movie, Mark Putnam & Susan Daniels Smith


Betrayed By Love is a movie based on the true story of Mark Putnam and Susan Daniels Smith. It aired originally on the ABC Network on Monday, January 17, 1994. The true crime murder mystery details the forbidden love affair between FBI agent Jeff Avery and his lover, Deanna, an informant based on the real Susan Daniels Smith. Betrayed by Love, the true story movie, later aired on the USA Network and the Lifetime channel. It is produced by Greengrass Prods. IAW Edgar J. Scherick Assoc. Inc.


Betrayed by Love” Synopsis

When a sultry informant entices a handsome FBI agent into a love affair, her sister warns her that she’s in over her head. The affair takes a deadly turn when Susan Smith becomes pregnant and never comes home after a meeting with her lover.


This movie is one of the saddest movies that I have ever seen, and the books based on this case are even sadder. FBI agent, Mark Putnam cared absolutely nothing for this young woman. He had a very low opinion of her and basically used her for his own pleasure.


Betrayed by Love“: The True Story—Differences in the movieĀ 

  • Patricia Arquette, who portrayed Susan, was a blonde bombshell. But Mark Putnam never thought the real Susan Daniels Smith, aka Susan Smith, was pretty.
  • The friendship between Kathy and Susan is left completely out of Betrayed By Love’s true story movie.
  • Betrayed by Love did not explore Susan Smith’s substance abuse issues. In real life, Susan Daniels Smith was addicted to pills, according to her sister, Shelby Ward.
  • In Betrayed by Love, the movie, Mark Putnam dumps Susan’s body over the ravine. In the true story, Mark said he placed it on top of the hill because it was too heavy. It rolled into the ravine.
  • In the movie, Susan Daniels Smith’s sister visited Mark Putnam and begged him to tell her where her sister’s body could be found. However, in the true story, Shelby said that never happened.


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