David Morris, Candi Brown: Michigan City Deaths In His Past, Including Anna Reeves


David Morris is forever tied to the deaths of Candi Brown, Hufracio Arteaga, and Anna Reeves. He’s connected to one death by physical evidence. The other two are connected by association. Killer David Morris, 45, stabbed Hufracio Arteaga to death in 2016 at his Easy Drive Auto shop at 117 W. 11th St. in Michigan City, Indiana. His wife Candi Brown Morris vanished mysteriously in 2012. And girlfriend Anna Reeves, 30, was found dead the same day his wife’s remains were discovered.


Car Salesman Murdered (April of 2016)

Four days after no one had heard from David Morris, Sergio Serrano, his business partner, discovered his dead body. Sergio Serrano told detectives that Hufracio Arteaga lived next door to the murder scene and that his wallet, credit card, and keys were also missing, along with two vehicles. Just before his death, Hufracio and Sergio had lost their license to sell used cars.

There were no leads, at first. Then a witness came forward with information, stating that she’d seen a man dressed in dark clothing climbing out of one of the windows at Hufracio Arteaga’s dealership. Investigators located surveillance video, which showed the killer leaving through the broken window. He then walked to one of the cars and drove away in it.

The man was identified as David Morris. During the investigation, police located the murder weapon—a serrated-edge knife—under the hood of a car. Authorities say David Morris stole two cars from Hufracio Arteaga’s lot after the murder and used his credit card to get something to eat. The victim’s blood was found on David Morris’ clothing, a finding that helped seal his fate. Even more disturbing, David Morris was seen on video surveillance acting happy when he purchased fast food at a burger joint.

David Morris was also charged with theft, robbery, and burglary. He was placed in the La Porte County Jail, where he later requested access to the law library so he could represent himself in court.

According to court records,

“Police found in Morris’ coat the keys to the white Hyundai Tiburon that was missing from the car lot, a receipt to a pawn shop and a note with Arteaga’s cell phone number on it. The police also found that Morris and an accomplice had used Arteaga’s credit cards to make several purchases at liquor stores, gas stations, and a Meijer.”


La Porte County Herald-Argus reported that Morris didn’t want to wait any longer than 70 days to see a judge, and he demanded a speedy trial. At trial, jurors heard David Morris’ police interrogation and came back with a guilty verdict. He was sentenced to 82-years in prison. He had faced up to 100 years.



David Morris, Candi Brown & Anna Reeves (2012-2013)

As stated above, Hufracio Arteaga’s death isn’t the only one in David Morris’ past. His wife, 29-year-old, Candi Brown-Morris, vanished in August of 2012. David Morris was not named publically as a suspect when she vanished. In a television interview, he said he was tired of the “ridicule” and the speculation surrounding his involvement. He also stated he loved his wife dearly and wanted her back.

David Morris told police that he last saw his wife as she left to review some paperwork at her job. Her wallet was eventually located at Reilly’s Bar and Grill. Her car was found at Three Sheets Bar. Candi Brown was a mother of three. A Facebook page in her memory is still active.

There is one more twist in the case of David Morris. Three weeks after his wife disappeared, David and a woman named Anna Reeves bonded during the search for his missing wife, Candi Brown-Morris. They soon fell in love. But not long after meeting David Morris, Anna Reeves saw an abusive side to her new lover.


According to ABC-57, David Morris physically abused Anna Reeves, and in May of 2013, she was found dead in her Buffalo Street home on the same day Candi Brown’s remains were found near Pines. Some say Anna Reeves died in her sleep from a medical condition. According to statements made by the Michigan City Police Department in June of 2013, Anna Reeves death was “accidental due to acute mixed drug intoxication or overdose.” David Morris found his girlfriend dead around 4 a.m. No charges were ever filed in her death.


Even though David Morris did not kill Anna Reeves, and investigators don’t seem to have enough evidence to charge him with the death of his wife, Candi Brown-Morris, one has to admit, association with David Morris has proven to be deadly for three people in his life. The tragic murder of car salesman Hufracio Arteaga proves David Morris has a dark side. There is also a new documentary about the case.



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