Lisa Eatmon: Roscoe Glinton’s Pregnant Girlfriend Floating In Hudson River


Lisa Eatmon, a pregnant African American woman from Brooklyn, was found floating in the icy waters of the Hudson River in the spring of 2005. Her killer, a former lover named Roscoe Glinton, lured Lisa out of the house and shot her in the head before dumping her corpse off the New York Department of Sanitation/Chelsea Pier area. Prosecutors say he did it because he didn’t want the baby, and he had no plans to pay her child support. Roscoe Glinton is serving 25-years-to-life in a New York prison.


Lisa Eatmon Timeline—The Roscoe Glinton Murder Case

After high school, Lisa Eatmon (Lisa Denise Speight Eatmon) joins the Army, where she eventually becomes a sergeant and legal specialist. For a few years, she enjoys traveling to North Carolina, Louisiana, Texas, and South Korea. She meets Eyria Eatmon and marries him. The couple has a daughter named Marsielle Eatmon. Eyria Eatmon and Lisa Eatmon eventually separate, and she moves back to her hometown in Philadelphia.

2002: Lisa Eatmon moves from Philadelphia to Brooklyn, New York.

At some point, Lisa has an affair with Roscoe Glinton. She has no idea that Glinton is married with children and fails to believe the rumors about him having a hand in Deborah Glinton-–his previous wife’s death. The relationship doesn’t last. But she is left pregnant with his child. For a while, she decides not to bother Roscoe with news of her pregnancy. Two weeks before her death she finally tells him. He wants nothing to do with the baby, and Lisa prepares for a life without Roscoe in their lives. She does expect him to help out by paying child support.



2005-Friday, April 1: Co-workers at Candle Business Systems in Times Square, where Lisa is employed as a technician, lavish her with a baby shower. Guests say it is the happiest they’d ever seen her, and that Lisa said it was “one of the best days of her life.” The mother’s baby, Kaden Marquis, is due to arrive on April 20. She cuts cake for all and opens presents.

  • At 7:30 p.m., she is last seen by a friend.
  • At 9:30 p.m., Lisa Eatmon speaks to her mother by phone.
  • At 2:00 a.m. Her mother last speaks to Lisa on the phone. Her daughter sees her in bed wearing black pajamas.


April 3: At 7:00 a.m on Sunday., crewmen aboard the Spirit of New Jersey find what looks like a mannequin in the waters of the Hudson River. They fish the large doll out of the icy waters, turn it over, and are shocked to see its bulging belly. It’s not a doll. It’s a black woman, who looks to be around eight months pregnant. The corpse is dressed in sweatpants and a black hooded sweatshirt or black pajama bottoms. The woman was in the water for a short time, and paramedics don’t notice any trauma to the body at first. It appears to be “a jumper.”

The captain of the Spirit of New Jersey (also referred to as the Spirit of New York) watches nervously as paramedics try to save the unborn child’s life. They later transport the pregnant woman to St. Vincent’s Hospital, where she is pronounced dead just before 9 a.m.

The woman is identified as Lisa Eatmon, 33, a Brooklyn resident. Police visit her Hegeman Avenue apartment and speak with neighbors who say she lived in the apartment with her 11-year-old daughter and that they last saw Lisa Eatmon Saturday afternoon. They also tell police Eatmon has family in Philadelphia. 

Lisa Eatmon’s family is notified of her death. They tell New York detectives that Lisa was involved with forty-two-year-old Roscoe Glinton, a light-skinned black man from the Bahamas. He worked as a garbage truck driver at the sanitation department for thirteen years.

The following Monday, word spread to Lisa’s job that she was found dead. The room, where her baby shower was held still had hanging balloons and decorations. According to the New York Daily News, Candle Business Systems creates a monetary fund to help Lisa Eatmon’s daughter, Marsielle, reported the New York Daily News. Friends and family members want Lisa Eatmon to receive the same attention Laci Peterson’s case received.

April 6: Roscoe Glinton is alerted that his pregnant girlfriend was found dead. Detectives interview him for hours at the 10th precinct, according to JLT. Detective Vega said the following.


“I told him the baby was dead also, At that time, he raised his hand to his forehead and it seems to me that he was fake crying.”

When he returns to his E. 51st Street apartment, Roscoe Glinton has no choice but to tell his family. That evening, in the bedroom of his Brooklyn apartment, he tells his wife and children that Lisa Eatmon, the dead woman found floating in the Hudson River, was pregnant with his son.



Roscoe Glinton apologizes for the betrayal. But emphatically denies killing Lisa Eatmon. His son Donovan doesn’t believe him and immediately reflects upon the unsolved murder of his mother, Deborah Glinton.

An autopsy performed on Lisa Eatmon’s body shows she was shot in the head. Paramedics missed the small hole when they took her out of the water. Medical examiners say she would have collapsed right away when she was shot. Her body functions would have ceased rapidly.

April 8: Roscoe Glinton leads police on a high-speed chase on the Belt Parkway with his young daughter in his SUV. He is captured and charged with reckless endangerment and endangering the welfare of a child. He is later charged with second-degree murder and held without bail. Police find $20,000 in cash. They believed Roscoe planned to use the cash to make his getaway back to the Bahamas.

Roscoe Glinton’s wife, Darlene Glinton, stands by her man at first. But eventually moves out of the residence, leaving Donovan behind. Donovan leaves a day or two later to live with family members, according to the New York Times.

April 11: Family members and friends pay their last respects to Lisa Eatmon as pallbearers carry her body in a flag-draped casket at her funeral, which is held at the Nazarene Baptist Church in Philadelphia. The former G.I. will also be buried in Philly.

2006October 26: At trial, prosecutors show Roscoe Glinton called Lisa Eatmon and lured her out of the house in the middle of the night. He talked to her on the Chelsea Pier then shot her in the back of the head and dumped her body into the frigid waters of the Hudson River. The nightwatchman, who often slept on the job, caught Roscoe Glinton cleaning up the Eatmon’s blood at the crime scene. The motive had a financial component: he didn’t want to pay his ex-lover $30 a week for child support.

Lisa Eatmon’s mother, Esther Speight, gives an angry and passionate impact statement about how her husband died of a broken heart, months after his daughter’s death. She told Roscoe Glinton he destroyed her family, and she beat her hands on the podium stand.

A jury deliberates for more than an hour and returns with a guilty verdict for second-degree murder. Roscoe Glinton sits stone-faced for most of the trial. But looks up and pays close attention when the medical examiner shows Lisa Eatmon’s autopsy photos. The Speight family sobs quietly.


  • November 21: Judge Charles Solomon says Roscoe Glinton should “die in jail” then slammed him with 25 years to life in prison.



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