Ellen Huebner: Murders “Kind” Husband & Cancer Patient Giver, Steven Huebner, Buried Him In Backyard


Ellen Huebner killed her husband, Steven Huebner, a man who cried about cancer patients, and stuffed his body in a bag before burying it in the backyard, detectives in Columbus, Mississippi say. Police placed Ellen Huebner under arrest and charged with murder. She was being held on $150,000 bond. She has since bonded out. Steven Huebner disappeared a week ago. A co-worker at the Columbus Air Force Base reported the 54-year-old man missing, according to WTVA. Ellen Huebner was booked into the Sheriff’s Office & Monroe County Detention Facility. 

Steven Huebner, 14th Force Support Squadron/14th FSS Deputy Commander, was last seen on Saturday, February 23. Police went to the Buck Road home to find him. His wife, Ellen Huebner, was there each time they visited. The 45-year-old wife suddenly vanished this past Friday and didn’t resurface until Monday to confess. Columbus, Mississippi investigators found the corpse wrapped in a shower curtain, sheets, and a tarpaulin, which was stuffed in a blue bag. First reports stated it was placed on the patio.

Monroe County Sheriff’s officials say Ellen Huebner’s behavior and certain statements she made were odd. She hadn’t filed a missing person report and didn’t seem shocked when they informed her of Steven Huebner’s disappearance. Friends said Ellen Huebner told them she killed her husband. After a couple of days on the run, she turned herself in to authorities.


People who know Steven Huebner remember him as a “great guy” and can’t understand why Ellen would want to murder him.


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Over the weekend, Investigators waited for the autopsy results for the cause of death to confirm that the dead man was Steven Huebner.

Updated—Tuesday, March 5: Sheriff Cecil Cantrell said the autopsy report stated Steven Huebner died of multiple gunshot wounds.

Read about another small town murder investigation here. Below, watch Steven Huebner tell a tearful story about his work with cancer patients.

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