‘Grave Mysteries’: ‘Deadly Connection’ Episode Watch On ID Tonight


Grave Mysteries’ “Deadly Connection” episode will air the story of Shaniesha Forbes, an African American teen who was murdered and left on a beach six years ago. It will detail how NYPD detectives solved the case of the missing girl and the role social media had on the case.


Grave Mysteries Episode: “Deadly Connection” synopsis

On January of 2013, the body of Shaniesha Forbes,’ a popular high school teen, was discovered on a beach in Brooklyn. NYPD Detectives are called in to investigate the shocking find. Once the investigation begins, detectives sort through the missing girl’s texts and Facebook posts and connect the killer to the long list of 1,600 Facebook friends.


For more coverage of the Shaniesha Forbes case. See our other article.



Watch Grave Mysteries: “Deadly Connection” tonight at 9 p.m. on Investigation Discovery.



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