‘The Killer Downstairs’ Lifetime 2019 Movie Premiere Watch


The Killer Downstairs, a 2019 Lifetime movie, premieres this Saturday night. It’s the horrifying tale of a woman who rents her basement to a stranger because she’s strapped for cash. As you probably have guessed, this turns out to be a big mistake. Lifetime’s The Killer Downstairs 2019 movie stars CINDY BUSBY as Allison, MARCUS ROSNER as James, DONNA BENEDICTO as Sarah, EMY ANEKE as Michael, BENJAMIN WILKINSON  as Brandon, and ALISON ARAYA  as Detective, according to The Internet Movie Database (IMDB).


Lifetime movie: The Killer Downstairs Synopsis

“A woman finds herself in a battle for her life when the man she rents her basement suite to becomes obsessed with her and begins threatening the lives of the people around her.”


Is The Killer Downstairs Based on a True Story?

Don’t think so, guys. This one looks like the typical “scary tenant-landlord” situation that serves as the plot of several movies. Allison Peters, an attorney working at a grocery store after losing her job, is desperate for money and resorts to renting her basement to a handsome stranger with a hidden agenda.

Despite the risks, Allison places an ad at MiCasaSuCasa.com and gets an immediate hit from James Brewer, a father who has recently separated from his wife.

When the tenant isn’t making Allison’s life a mess, her boss, Brandon, is harassing her over a break-up with her boyfriend, Edwin. But Allison just might find love again with James Brewer, until a check of his computer reveals that she is in danger.

The embarrassment of working at a grocery store is nothing compared to what this new tenant will put Allison through.

The Killer Downstairs airs this Saturday, March 2, at 8 p.m. on Lifetime. For more Lifetime movie reviews, subscribe to our YouTube channel.


The Killer Downstairs | Saturday at 8/7c

Be careful who you invite into your home 😱! Watch the premiere of The Killer Downstairs Saturday at 8/7c.

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