Bo Brown, Daisy Freeman: ‘My Father Killed My Mother’ On Iyanla Show


Bo Brown (Robert Jerome Brown Jr.) killed Daisy Mae Freeman (Daisy Freeman), his estranged girlfriend, in Hampton, Virginia in 1984. On Iyanla Fix My Life‘s episode, “My Father Killed My Mother,” Jerome Brown will speak with his now-grown son, Shane, who was left traumatized by his mother’s murder. Daisy Freeman’s son was just six-years-old when ex-boyfriend Jerome Brown, referred to as Bo on the show, broke into her home drunk just before dawn and shot her to death while the family was home.


It’s been almost 30 years, and Jerome ‘Bo’ Brown is out of prison. Now, Jerome Brown seeks his son’s forgiveness for the horrific crime.


“My father killed my mother when I was six-years-old. We went home and laying in the bed. Next thing I know, I see three sparks.”


The death of Daisy Mae Freeman hurt Shane so deeply that Iyanla believes the only way to fix it is “to revisit the hurt.”

Shane remembers hearing a knock at the door between 5-6 a.m., three days before Christmas in 1984. Then he saw three sparks. He didn’t get up right away. Later, Shane Brown walked into the hallway and stepped over a body to get out of the house. The dead body belonged to his mother, Daisy Mae Freeman, 27, who was shot three times in the head and once in the face with a handgun.



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Little Shane ran to his grandmother Emma’s house, where he told her what happened. Panicked, the woman stepped inside the 493 Seaboard Avenue home in Buckroe and found her daughter lying on her back dead with a hole in her head.

A neighbor called police after he encountered twenty-seven-year-old Robert Jerome Brown (Bo Brown) on his lawn. He said Bo told him that he “screwed up this time,” and that “he thinks he hurt someone.” Then Bo Brown took off his Army jacket and hung on the fence, telling the man the murder weapon was inside his pocket.



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Police found the gun and the pawn shop receipts where Brown bought the gun and bullets. The neighbor said Bo Brown was distraught and crying at the time.

Brown later admitted spending the night drinking before he kicked down Daisy Mae Freeman’s door and forced his way inside. Daisy Freeman found Bo Brown standing in her bedroom, and an argument ensued, carrying over into the living room, where he took out the gun and shot her.

Police say Bo Brown had a terrible problem with alcoholism and had received treatment and hospitalization for it in 1981 and 1982, according to the Daily Press. Robert Jerome Brown (Bo Brown) was living at another address at the time of the killing.




During the sentencing hearing, Daisy Freeman’s family cried in the courtroom as Emma Freeman described finding her daughter dead and seeing the look on her grandson’s face as he tried to tell her what happened. Records show that Bo Brown and Daisy Freeman broke up in the fall. A judge sentenced him to a maximum of 20 years in prison.

Viewers will see a painful confrontation between Bo Brown and his son, Shane, as he reveals that Daisy Freeman was the “love of his life,” and that he doesn’t remember exactly how the killing happened or know why it happened because he was high at the time.

On Iyanla Fix My Life, the emotional healer helps Jerome Brown understand that it was his need to control Daisy Mae Freeman that led him to believe he had a right to pull the trigger. And saying he doesn’t know why he did it, won’t be enough for “that” little boy who was left without a mother and a father.

Shane is still angry and full of pain. Watch how the story unfolds when Iyanla Fix My Life: “My Father Killed My Mother” airs this Saturday at 9/8 p.m. Central on OWN.



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