Robert Atlas, Tracy Anderson: Pregnant Girlfriend Murdered After Bedford Lock Out


Robert Atlas Tracy Anderson Murder–No one could believe a clean-cut guy like Robert Atlas could ever be involved in any crime, let alone murder. However, Robert Atlas is serving time in a Texas prison after a jury convicted him of stabbing his eight-months-pregnant girlfriend, Tracy Anderson, 27, to death. Prosecutors say Atlas kicked down the door to their Bedford apartment in 2014 and chased Tracy into the bathroom, where he stabbed her over 50 times before he fled.

Police made the grisly discovery on March 23 after visiting the home to do a welfare check because Tracy Anderson’s mother hadn’t been able to contact her daughter over the weekend. Police also said the door, which was open and badly damaged, looked as if someone had forced their way inside. When detectives searched further, they found Tracy’s naked body in a pool of blood. A cell phone charger with the phone still attached was pulled from the wall.

For days, Robert Atlas was missing until officials found him sleeping in his car in a Walmart parking lot in Shreveport, La. He was arrested, charged with capital murder, and expedited back to Texas.



Friends of Robert Atlas say he could no longer deal with Tracy’s possessive nature. The night she was killed, Tracy had gone to the club, demanding that Atlas return home. She stormed out upset, and it was the last time anyone saw her alive. Before he left the bar, Robert told his friend that if Tracy locked him out one more time, he was going to kick the door down to the ground.

The front door wasn’t the only door Robert Atlas kicked in. Texas detectives also found the bloody bathroom door off the hinges and lying on the living room floor. The baby’s sonogram photos were lying nearby.

At trial, prosecutors alleged that Robert never made Tracy feel safe and loved in their relationship and knew she’d be enraged when he returned home late. When Atlas arrived and found the door locked, he exploded, kicked his way inside, and stabbed his screaming girlfriend to death.

Bleeding and moaning in pain, Tracy Anderson crawled from the bathroom to her bedroom, where she reached her cell phone but collapsed dead before she could call for help.

Though he initially confessed, at his 2015 trial, he claimed he was a battered man who had to defend himself when Tracy came into the bathroom wielding a knife.

Prosecutors countered his Robert Atlas’ story with facts that showed Tracy was stabbed so many times that large chunks of flesh had been cut from her hand. One finger was almost severed, according to the autopsy report.

Robert Atlas’ mother said her son is not a thug and not the deranged monster prosecutors painted him to be at trial. But for poor Tracy Anderson, Robert Atlas is indeed a monster—the worst kind of monster she’d ever meet in her life.


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