Jacey McWilliams, David James Martin: Black Creek Florida Murder


Jacey McWilliams was killed by David James Martin in Middleburg, Florida’s Black Creek eleven years ago. Investigation Discovery‘s crime TV show Dead Silent airs the case tonight. Jacey McWilliams was just 23-years-old when she was lured to the woods, where she was killed and buried. For the murder, David James Martin (David Martin) was convicted and sentenced to death for 1st-degree murder and armed robbery.

Dead Silent—Episode “Taken for a Ride”

After a breakup with her previous boyfriend, Jacey McWilliams is sad and broken until she finds love again with David Martin. But just as things heat up between these new lovers, someone ends up dead.


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In March of 2008, Jacey McWilliams’ mother reported her missing after her daughter’s coworkers at the car dealership told her that Jacey hadn’t shown up to her job in two days. Everyone who knew Jacey said it was out of character for her to miss work.

As they all tried to retrace Jacey McWilliams’ steps, they recalled that she was supposed to spend time with a man named David, who was taking her to a “special place.” Her last phone contact was with her mother at almost 9:30 p.m., two days prior.

For nearly a week, investigators searched for the missing woman. They located her vehicle, and the man driving it was David James Martin (David Martin). He denied knowing where she was, stating he’d last seen her two days before after dropping her off and that she gave him permission to use her car.

Because his stories conflicted, investigators didn’t believe David Martin and took him into custody. Later, he told police that he argued with Jacey McWilliams about using her car to visit a friend. When the argument escalated, he shoved Jacey out of the car and left her at Black Creek. He said the last time he saw Jacey she was still alive.

David Martin gave another version of events. This one seemed closer to the truth. He killed Jacey McWilliams because he needed her car to visit his girlfriend, who lived in another town. His girlfriend, David Martin said, was upset and hurt that he was possibly cheating on her. Seeing his girlfriend hurt disturbed him so much that out of desperation, he retrieved a hammer from the car and struck Jacey McWilliams with it. Then he dragged her dead body into the bushes and stole her car.

On the way to his girlfriend’s house, David James Martin tossed the hammer and Jacey McWilliams’ phone into the river. Investigators were blown away by his callousness. David drew a map for detectives, and they recovered Jacey McWilliams’ remains off Johns Cemetery Road.

David Martin not only savagely killed Jacey McWilliams, after the murder, but he also stole her ATM card and ordered pizza. His girlfriend in St. Petersburg said when David arrived, he was in a happy mood—smiling and joking. He even joked about having to kill someone to get a car to visit her.

Jacey McWilliams was a hardworking young woman who wanted a better life and someone nice to share it with. David James Martin was a liar and a killer. Today, he is serving time at Union Correctional Institution in Raiford, Florida, until his execution.

The Jacey McWilliams, David Martin crime story airs tonight at 9 p.m. For more true crime and entertainment news visit here.

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