‘My Neighbor’s Keeper’: True Story Movie Loosely Based On Michael Dennis—Big Bad Wolf Mask Killer


My Neighbor’s Keeper, a true-story inspired Lifetime movie, may be based on Michael Dennis, a killer who wore a “big bad wolf” mask during a crime. As reported previously, the Michael Dennis murder case will air on television in a true-crime documentary.




My Neighbor’s Keeper Synopsis

An American wife, who can’t have children of her own, acts as a surrogate mother to her neighbor’s child after she’s killed by a masked killer on Halloween night.
My Neighbor’s Keeper True Story

When the writer of this article saw My Neighbor’s Keeper after it debuted on June 18, 2007, she remembered a true story out of California, involving an intruder who killed a housewife on Halloween. The dead give away—he wore a wolf mask. In the true story, there was a neighbor, who looked after the motherless child for the night. However, the movie plays up the neighbor angle more. It’s a great Halloween movie for those looking for something to watch, but the actual murder case is very sad.

Filming for My Neighbor’s Keeper took place in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The Lifetime movie is produced by Insight Film Studios and directed by Walter Klenhard and written by Lindsay MacAdam. It stars Laura Harring as Kate Powell, Linden Ashby as Mike Harding, Brenda Campbell as Ann Harding, and Ken Tremblett as Tim Powell.

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