Damond Gordon: DC Filmmaker’s Movie, ‘Sit Down For This,’ Includes HBO’s ‘The Wire’ Cast Members


Director Damond Gordon knew many years ago that he wanted to make movies. Now, the television producer and filmmaker plans to bring his latest movie to the screen. It’s called Sit Down For This, a story about an adopted girl with healing powers. Several actors from HBO’s The Wire will star in the family drama, according to the Indiegogo description.

On a busy Friday afternoon, Damond Gordon made time to speak with TV Crime Sky about his upcoming movie. Here’s what he told us.



[Image via Damond Gordon/Permission Granted]


Traciy Curry-Reyes: You must be so excited about your latest creation. Tell us more about Sit Down For This.

[Damond Gordon]

“The basic story is this little-adopted girl realizes she has healing powers, and three Department of Defense agents set out to destroy her because they can’t have her healing people indiscriminately.”


Traciy Curry-Reyes: Sit Down For This sounds like an interesting plot. Is it based on a true story?


[Damond Gordon]

“Not at all. I was leaving LAX in Los Angeles, and I saw Mali Music in one of the terminals. I wanted him to know that I knew who he was, so we chatted for a little bit, and he went about his way. I caught a red-eye back home. On the plane, I switched my phone to his Pandora station. The first song that played was “Sit Down For This,” and I thought, ‘Hmm, this song sounds like a movie.’ I took a three-hour nap, and by the time I woke up in DC, I had the story in my head.” 


Traciy Curry-Reyes: And that’s exactly how it happens for creators. How much of the film is already shot?


[Damond Gordon]

“We’re in pre-production right now. We shoot December 8.”


Traciy Curry-Reyes: Filming will take place in Washington, DC?


[Damond Gordon]

 “Yes, it will be shot at Trinity College. They have a nursing ward that’s gonna double as a hospital.”


Traciy Curry-Reyes: Earlier you told us what inspired you to make the movie, Sit Down For This, but what made you want to be a movie maker in the first place?


[Damond Gordon]

“The ability to tell stories. I’ve always been attracted to films and [seeing] how they’re put together.”


Traciy Curry-Reyes: Right now, you’re in pre-production. When it’s finished, where will it be released? How will people watch Sit Down For This?


[Damond Gordon]

“We’re going to take it on the film festival circuit and hopefully get it picked up into a full feature.”


Traciy Curry-Reyes: As for the cast, I know some of the actors from HBO’s The Wire are set to appear. Specifically, who is working with you in this movie?


[Damond Gordon]

“Clayton LeBouef, he played ‘Orlando’ on The Wire. And we’ve just cast Dolvett Quince, he’s in The Biggest Loser. Kelli R. Brown, she played ‘Kimmy’ in The Wire. Chris Clanton, he played ‘Savino,’ and Micaiah Jones played ‘Little Man’ in The Wire.”


Traciy Curry-Reyes: Do you have any other projects you’re working on?


[Damond Gordon]

“I’m supposed to do a second video for an artist in Germany. It’s not in concrete. But we’re working on it.”


Damond Gordon has a master’s degree in filmmaking from Towson University, according to Black Gives Back. He began his work in television many years ago on BET’s Teen Summit as a ‘Posse’ member. His technical experience in producing and directing grew there.

Director Damond Gordon’s first movie, The Rothstein Diamond, debuted in 2009. For his latest movie, Gordon paired up with producers Angel Elliott and Jackie Tobacco. To support Sit Down For This, visit Indiegogo.




[Main Image by Damond Gordon. Permissions granted.]

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