Jackie Ray, Jacqueline Ray: Wicked Mother-In-Law Had Leon Baucham, Son-In-Law, Murdered In Gig Harbor


The Jackie Ray, Jacqueline Ray-Leon Baucham murder story plays out in another crime documentary. Jacqueline Ray, known as Jackie Ray, was a sweet grandmother and mother-in-law, who hired a hitman to kill son-in-law, Leon Baucham, to protect her daughter, Umeko.

The body of Leon Baucham was found in Gig Harbor, Washington, in 2012. The hardworking father and husband had vanished into thin air. Police zeroed in on Leon Baucham’s mother-in-law, Jackie Ray, who police said hired a hitman because she believed Leon Baucham would murder her daughter. The couple had a passionate but rocky relationship, that, at times, was abusive. Jackie Ray found out that Leon Baucham struck Umeko on various occasions, including once while she was pregnant, according to her nurses.



[Leon Baucham loved Umeko with all his heart, they say. She was his trophy wife, his princess.

Jacqueline ‘Jackie’ Ray tried to keep her daughter from Leon Baucham, but Umeko was in love with him at first. The truth was—Jackie Ray never thought her son-in-law was good enough for Umeko, and since Jackie Ray’s first husband later killed his wife, Jackie, a Sunday school teacher, who was well-versed in domestic violence cases, became paranoid that Umeko was next. She took matters into her own hands by hiring Luis Barker, a criminal, who was willing to kill Leon for money.


According to court documents, Leon Baucham sought to keep his wife in control. He checked up on her¬†and later discovered she was involved in an illicit love affair with a coworker. The affair angered him so much that he left his wife with a broken eye socket. His friends and family members said Leon was a good person, and that he loved Umeko. Some believed the beautiful Umeko was out of Leon’s league, and right away, they had a bad feeling about her.

Police say Jacqueline ‘Jackie’ Ray was the last person to see Leon Baucham alive. In the clip below, which was featured on TV One’s Fatal Attraction, Leon Baucham was lured to a location and shot before his body was dumped.



No one who knew Jackie Ray [Jacqueline Ray] could believe she’d be involved in a murder. The soft-spoken woman was known as a nurturer,¬†church-goer, and caregiver with a big heart. After Jackie Ray finally confessed, she was sent to prison for 18 years. Her family, including Umeko’s younger sister, and Jackie’s husband, continue to support and visit her in prison.


Allegedly, Umeko Roberts doesn’t seem to hold any resentment toward her mother, who she claims was only trying to help her.



According to the Leon Baucham Memorial Facebook page, Jackie Ray died in prison. TV Crime Sky has not confirmed this information. The Washington Department of Corrections still has her listed in the inmate database.

Here is Jackie Ray’s old Facebook profile.


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Leon Baucham/Umeko Roberts Wedding Video


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