Pamela Smart, Greg Smart: ‘Murder In New Hampshire’ True Story Movie, Inspired ‘American Murder Mystery’ On Investigation Discovery


Pamela Smart, the wife accused of soliciting the murder of her husband, Greg Smart, is back in the news. Her trial, which inspired two based on a true story movies: Murder In New Hampshire: The Pamela Wojas Smart Story and To Die For, aired on Investigation Discovery’s American Murder Mystery this past Sunday. Pamela Smart: American Murder Mystery told the steamy tabloid murder story through archival footage and Smart’s own words.


True crime fans remember this story well. It’s been covered in countless documentaries over the years. The case gained national attention in 1990 when twenty-four-year-old Greg Smart (Greggory Smart) was shot to death by William Flynn (aka William Billy Flinn), Pamela Smart’s teenage lover.



Americans were fascinated by the story that told of a twenty-two-year-old New Hampshire teacher, who enticed her student, Billy Flynn, 15, into a forbidden love affair, and then she seduced him into killing her husband, an insurance salesman. The case rocked all of Derry, New Hampshire.

Investigators say Pamela Smart claimed that on May 1, 1990, she returned and found her husband with a fatal gunshot wound to the head at their 4 E Misty Morning Drive home in Derry at around 10:30 p.m.


At first, scared residents felt sorry for Pam Smart until police discovered the sweet mourning widow was the actual mastermind behind her husband’s death. In 1991, Pamela Smart and William Billy Flynn were found guilty and convicted in the death of Greg Smart. Just four months after the trial, production began in North Carolina for the movie, Murder In New Hampshire: The Pamela Smart Story. On the day of filming, movie producers transformed East Charlotte from a bright sunny city to a snowy town dealing with a riveting murder story in the dead of winter.


Most places would be happy to keep a sleazy murder case like this one out of their state. But according to the Charlotte Observer, the New Hampshire Film Commission was offended by the snub, stating that their state had everything North Carolina had and more.

Murder In New Hampshire: The Pamela Smart Story aired on CBS for the first time on Tuesday, September 24, 1991. It later aired on Lifetime Television for many years. The fact-based movie starred Helen Hunt as Pamela Ann Smart. To Die For, a 1995 movie, which starred Nicole Kidman, was also said to be inspired by this case.

Well, if you missed the Investigation Discovery show: American Murder Mystery: Pamela Smart, you’ll have another chance to catch the three-part crime series again when it is re-aired. In the meantime, shuffle over to YouTube to see if you can find that old movie, and give it a watch. The case of Pamela Smart has been compared to the Laurie Kellogg murder story. Last week, Investigation Discovery documented the story of Joyce Aparo. Her murder also inspired a movie.



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