Michael Skakel, Martha Moxley: ‘Murder In Greenwich’ True Story 2002 Movie Was Based On Cold Case


Murder In Greenwich, the true story movie, is based on the Martha Moxley-Michael Skakel cold case murder and inspired by Mark Fuhrman’s book, “Murder In Greenwich: Who Killed Martha Moxley?” For years, the murder of Martha Moxley went unsolved until a break in the case led to the arrest and conviction of childhood neighbor, Michael Skakel, who was 15-years-old when the Moxley girl was killed. Today, CBS News reports that a Connecticut judge has thrown out Skakel’s conviction and ordered a new trial due to the shoddy work of his lawyer.


Plot: In Belle Haven, Greenwich, Connecticut on the eve of Halloween in 1975, Martha Moxley, the daughter of a wealthy family, is killed in her backyard. Twenty-two years later, Los Angeles detective, Mark Fuhrman, who has fallen on hard times since he was accused of being a racist cop during the infamous O.J. Simpson trial, tries to find her killer. As Fuhrman dives into the case, he finds buried secrets that lead to a rich family whose son could be the killer.

The Michael Skakel, Martha Moxley movie takes the viewer on this detective’s journey of researching a 25-year-old unsolved murder case, despite the hostility left over from the Simpson case and the city of Greenwich. It first aired on the USA Network on November 15, 2002. Then it aired for years on Lifetime and the Lifetime Movie Network (LMN). Murder In Greenwich, based on the Michael Skakel/Martha Moxley case, is directed by Tom McLoughlin. The teleplay is written by Dave Erickson, starring Christopher Meloni, Robert Forster, Maggie Grace, according to IMDB.

The Martha Moxley Murder (True Story)

15-year-old Martha Moxley was found dead in Greenwich. Autopsy reports confirmed that someone had bludgeoned the teenager with a golf club. Over the years, the murder of Martha Moxley has been the subject of much investigation and speculation. Books, magazines, crime shows, and documentaries have all covered the tragic story.

Michael Skakel was convicted for Moxley’s murder after more than 25 years. He was originally sentenced to 20 years in prison in 2002. In October 2013, a judge threw out the conviction and ordered a new trial.



According to Wikipedia:

  • On November 21, 2013, Skakel was released on bond.
  • In December 2016, the Connecticut Supreme Court reinstated the conviction.
  • On May 4, 2018, the Connecticut Supreme Court vacated Skakel conviction and ordered a new trial.

Murder In Greenwich wasn’t the only movie based on the Michael Skakel-Martha Moxley story. The movie A Season in Purgatory was also allegedly inspired by the murder.


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