‘Evidence Of Innocence,’ TV One’s Show, Hosted By Police Brutality Lawyer Benjamin Crump


Evidence of Innocence is TV One‘s latest crime series, which delves into the lives of people once accused of murder and recounts how they survived the justice system after a wrongful conviction. Hosted by notable civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump, Evidence of Innocence brings you the riveting true stories of four people who were found innocent of crimes they didn’t commit.


The gripping African-American true crime series premieres in June for one hour each week for a limited time. Watch for the cases of Lisa Roberts, Richard Miles, Melonie Ware and Mark Schand as they detail their harrowing tales of survival and how faith carried them through the ordeal until they won their freedom.



If Benjamin Crump looks familiar, it’s because he was the lead attorney for the families of Trayvon Martin, Alesia Thomas, and Michael Brown. He’s also the former President of the National Bar Association, and he continues in his stand against police brutality.


Evidence of Innocence is produced by Jupiter Entertainment. Rushion McDonald, Benjamin Crump, Allison Wallach, and Todd Moss are the executive producers. According to TV One’s press release, Rushion McDonald, the show’s creator, wanted to make a series reflecting the hostile racial climate and injustice America currently faces. TV One’s new true-crime series airs Monday, June 4 at 10/9 p.m. Central.


Evidence of Innocence series guide

Lisa Roberts (June 4)

When her ex-girlfriend is brutally murdered at an Oregon park, Lisa Roberts soon becomes the prime suspect. Part of a love triangle, Lisa swears she didn’t do it. Her situation worsens when prosecutors find cell phone data that supposedly proves her guilt. Scared she’ll spend more than a decade in prison, Lisa takes a plea deal. But did she really kill her lover?

Mark Schand (June 11)

In Springfield, Massachusetts, witnesses identify Mark Schand as a killer. However, Mark, a former street hustler, claims he wasn’t in Massachusetts that night but was with his pregnant wife, instead. After a jury believes the witnesses and the so-called evidence against him, Mark Schand is sentenced to life in prison. But the justice system won’t get away with this error. His dedicated wife sets out to prove her hubby’s innocence.

Richard Miles (June 18)

In Texas, 19-year-old Richard Miles is swooped up by police and taken to jail for a 1994 murder. During his conviction, Miles’ family and his prison mentor believe in his innocence. They hope Richard’s unshakable faith is enough to see him through the difficult times. A decade later, Richard Miles believes God heard his cries for justice after Centurion Ministries takes a look at his case.

Melonie Ware (June 25)

In 2004, Melonie Ware is working her dream job as the owner of an in-home daycare. But her dream is shattered after a baby is found dead while in her care. Unfortunately for Melonie, her version of what happened doesn’t ring true. After she is found guilty, Melonie receives a life sentence. That’s when her husband says his wife’s real nightmare begins. With a target on her back, the other inmates set out to make Melonie pay for what she did, and it will take a lot of tears and her husband’s life savings to release her from a living hell.


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