Kathleen ‘Kat’ West: Murder Of Suburban Mom Shocks Calera, Alabama Town


Kathleen ‘Kat’ West, also known as Kathleen Dawn West and Kitty Kat West, was found dead more than a week ago in the street outside her suburban home in Calera, Alabama. Investigators say the death is a homicide, but they haven’t revealed how the wife and mother met her end. There are no arrests, and no cause of death is listed. The southern housewife’s murder is a mystery. UPDATE: Kat West’s husband, Jeff West, has been arrested for her death.

Alabama Murder: What Happened To The Pretty Housewife?

Anyone who knows 42-year-old Kat West (Kathleen Dawn West) can tell you she loved her daughter, her husband, going to the gym, and Marilyn Monroe. She also liked taking beautiful pictures of herself and posting them on social media. It’s the social media photos that might have investigators worried. Calera detectives haven’t said it, but some speculate, Kat West’s provocative photos and her side job as an “exhibitionist” could have played a role in her death.



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Kathleen ‘Kat’ West, known at Bloomingdale High School as Kathleen Martin, posted many selfies on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Months ago, however, West began posting racy statuses, such as “Happy Sinful Sunday” and “Happy Frisky Friday” with  links to a subscription-based site, where fans could view suggestive pictures of her for $15.99. And if anyone wanted to buy her sexy lingerie, they could find out what she liked by viewing her “wish list,” the New York Post reported.


Small Town Murder Mystery In Calera, Alabama

At around 5:00 a.m. Saturday, January 13, 2018, a neighbor’s daughter, who was due to arrive at work, spotted Kathleen ‘Kat’ West partially-dressed and lying face down in part of the street and part of the grass. Stunned, the neighbor went inside to notify her father, who later touched Kat West’s back to see if she was still breathing. She was not. Blood had dripped from the woman’s head, and there were no signs she was still alive. At the scene, police also located a cell phone with a bottle that had contained alcohol sitting on top of it.



Third image: Jeffrey West with wife, Kathleen ‘Kat’ West, in happier times. [Source: Facebook]

AL reported, Kat West’s husband, Jeffrey West, 44, aka William Jeffrey West, was “briefly on the scene,” before neighbors contacted police. No one has indicated if Jeffrey West arrived at the scene after he was notified or if he was home when the body was discovered. Police investigators looked for clues in and outside of the house, located in the 100 block of Greenwood Circle. Still, they haven’t named a suspect.


Jeffrey West, Kat West’s husband, is an “unsworn” policeman at Birmingham Southern College’s campus in Birmingham, Alabama. Some who know the family say he was in the military at one time and lived in Georgia, California, and North Carolina, as far as they knew.


Neighbors in Calera say Kathleen ‘Kat’ West and Jeffrey West moved to the city in 2015 after building their home. The couple’s 12-year-old daughter, who is in middle school, lived in the home with her parents. Residents also say not much is known about Kat West because she kept a low profile. Employees of Fit 24, a popular gym in Calera, describe Kathleen ‘Kat’ West as “sweet.”



Fourth image: Kat West and her daughter [Source: Facebook]

On Kathleen ‘Kat’ West’s Facebook page, she described herself as a “full-time wife and mommy.” And it appeared, the smiling mom had a very close relationship with her daughter, whom she often referred to as “Sugarbaby.” Social media photos show Kat and Jeffrey West as a happy and loving couple, though some of the tags to her husband’s profile have been removed. It also appears that Kathleen ‘Kat’ West’s Instagram and Twitter pages have also been taken down. Online sleuths say they are no longer able to find the previous profile for Jeffrey West.


As details of Kathleen Kat West’s secret life online trickle in, theories abound. Some wonder if she was moonlighting as an escort and meeting up with any of her male admirers. Some also want to know if her husband knew about her so-called secret life. One poster on the Websleuths forum said she knew the couple and could confirm Jeffrey West knew about his wife’s online activities and had no problem with it.


To family members, it doesn’t matter what she did on the side, Kat West was still a wonderful person. Her mother, Nancy Martin, is grief-stricken over her death and has started a fundraiser to raise money for her funeral and burial on Facebook. She posted the following message.

“It seems so impossible for the extreme sadness and grief we feel as the loss of our beautiful daughter Kat to ever diminish or decease however, the Lord is our hope and our salvation, and he can turn our mourning into comfort. God wants to encourage us and relieve our suffering if we will just go to him at all times. And his word is powerful enough to bring healing and solace even during our darkest hours.”

“My family asks for your prayers and support in our time of loss. My beautiful daughter Kat was not just my daughter but a cherished wife to Jeff, as well as a loving mother to their daughter. So much negativity is out there, but with God all I see and hear is the goodness of my Kat. My family and I ask for help in the services to lay our daughter to rest with the good Lord, to where she will be guiding her daughter and husband through this. If you’re not able to make a donation we ask for prayers.”




Residents of the peaceful community are baffled by the murder, and they feel especially uneasy since there has been no arrest. Continue to follow TV Crime Sky as we update this story. The Facebook page for Kathleen ‘Kat’ West can be found here—for now. A donation to the fund can be made here.

*To clear up any error shared in this article or to share more information about Kat West send an email. For anyone who has information about Kathleen West’s death contact Calera police at 205-668-3505.


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