Candy Montgomery, Betty Gore: 1980s Wylie, Texas, Ax Murder That Inspired ‘A Killing In A Small Town’ True Story Movie On ID


Candy Montgomery (Candace Montgomery), killed Betty Gore on Friday, the 13th, June of 1980. Now, the infamous Wylie, Texas case that inspired A Killing In A Small Town is set to premiere on ID’s 1980s: The Deadliest Decade. The crime show has re-created several crimes that were later turned into movies based on true stories.


Movie: A Killing In A Small Town True Story

Candy Montgomery’s case became a television movie called A Killing In A Small Town. It premiered on TV for the first time on Tuesday, May 22, 1990 on CBS. Later it aired on Lifetime Television and Lifetime Movie Network. The movie was inspired by the book “Evidence of Love” by John Bloom and Jim Atkinson.


It starred Barbara Hershey and Brian Dennehy. The names were changed in the movie to Candy Morrison and Peggy Blankenship. Producers filmed A Killing In A Small Town in Dallas, Texas. The Movies Based On True Stories Database was the first to connect the movie to the true story online.



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Most likely on ID’s 1980s the Deadliest Decade, the book authors will make an appearance to talk about the case that shocked all of Wylie, Texas. The episode title for tonight’s show is “Friday The 13th.”


1980s: The Deadliest Decade episode “Friday The 13th”

When a housewife and teacher is found dead in her home on Friday the 13th, investigators believe a deranged copycat killer is on the loose. Later, seduction and scandal lead detectives to a local church, where the killer lurks.


The True Story of Candy Montgomery and Betty Gore

Candace ‘Candy’ Montgomery was the perfect suburban housewife. No one loved cooking, decorating, and making the house sparkle more than Candy. She wasn’t a pretty woman by any means, but she was charming and had a sense of style.


A church-going woman, Candy Montgomery spent her time teaching people the Bible. She loved converting people to the faith and preaching “The Word.” However, when she wasn’t teaching Bible class, she was putting the moves on married men in the church.


Candy had her eyes set on Allen Gore, a married man who also attended the church. He was having marital troubles with his wife, Betty Gore. However, he tried to be faithful to her.


Betty Gore’s problem was she was always depressed. In fact, she was the complete opposite of Candy Montgomery. Betty didn’t care as much about her appearance, and she didn’t like people as much as Candy Montgomery.



Allen Gore and Candy Montgomery met each other at a congregation game. He was attracted to her bubbly side, and she was a dissatisfied housewife who wanted to take him to bed. She finally convinced him that his wife wouldn’t find out anything about it.


The Christian husband was uncomfortable with the idea of cheating on his wife, but in the end, he let Candy Montgomery sway him. Allen Gore and Candy Montgomery began meeting up at hotels for their “afternoon delights.”


Candy Montgomery wasn’t sexy on the outside, but in the bedroom, she rocked Allen Gore’s world the first time they had their encounter. Candy was hungry for him and was willing to do all the things that Betty Gore wasn’t willing to do. Her bedroom skills and eagerness excited Allen and kept him coming back for more.


At church, Candace ‘Candy’ Montgomery continued playing the part of the doting housewife and devout bible study teacher, but behind the scenes, Candy was full of deceit and treachery.


Despite the extramarital affair with Candy Montgomery, Allen was still sleeping with his wife. Betty Gore later became pregnant, which seemed to sink her deeper into depression. Allen decided to end the affair, hoping this would get things back on track with Betty. He seemed to love his wife even if she was depressed and dull.


However, the more he pulled away from Candy Montgomery, the more she tried to get closer to Betty. She befriended Betty Gore and even set up play dates between the children. On one occasion, Candy Montgomery even threw Betty Gore a surprise baby shower.


Not willing to give up her married lover, Candy Montgomery tried to convince Allen Gore to sleep with her again. She was so persistent, Allen decided to have one last encounter. This was a big mistake, and it set in motion a series of events that eventually led to his wife’s brutal murder.


Friday The 13th Murder

On Friday, the 13th, of June 1980, Allen Gore had to work out of town in Minnesota. Once he arrived, he called his wife, Betty, to check up on her. Betty Gore didn’t like the fact that Allen had to work out of town. It made her uneasy and suspicious that he was having an affair.


When Allen didn’t get a response from Betty Gore, he called the neighbors and asked them to go to his home to do a welfare check on Betty. He was on the phone with one of the neighbors when they discovered Betty Gore’s body on the floor.


Investigators were called to the scene. Inside, the home, they found a slaughterhouse. Someone had struck Betty Gore in the face over 40 times with an ax. She had not taken her own life as the neighbors suspected. This was a homicide.


At first, detectives entertained the idea that the killer was an escaped mental patient. Then, they turned their attention to Allen Gore, but once he was ruled out, they took a closer look at the person who last saw Betty Gore alive, Candy Montgomery.


Candy Montgomery told the investigators she went to Betty Gore’s house earlier in the day to pick up an extra bathing suit for her daughter. She claimed Betty was alive and well when she left.


The disgraced housewife later admitted she’d killed Betty Gore in self-defense. According to Candy Montgomery’s story, which she revealed after being placed under hypnosis, she went to Betty Gore’s home to pick up the bathing suit. However, things went wrong after Betty Gore suddenly accused Candy of having an affair with Allen.


Taken by surprise, Candy Montgomery said she lied at first but later admitted she had slept with Allen. She said what drove Betty Gore over the edge was when she said she no longer wanted Allen.


An enraged Betty Gore turned to get the swimsuit but returned instead with an ax. Candy remembered the dazed look in Betty Gore’s eyes at the time. A struggle ensued between the two rivals, but Candy Montgomery got the upper hand when she managed to wrangle the ax away from Betty. She struck her multiple times until Betty Gore fell to the ground.


However, it wasn’t over yet. According to Candy Montgomery, Betty Gore sprung to her feet and lunged at Candy one more time. Like out of a horror movie, Candy Montgomery snapped and began wielding the ax like a crazy woman until Betty was dead. The next thing she knew, she found herself standing in Betty’s shower with her clothes on.


After gathering her thoughts, she put on some new clothes and returned to the church function as if nothing had happened. Detectives knew they had Candy when they found a bloody thumbprint at the scene.


In the end, none of the evidence made a difference. Candace ‘Candy’ Montgomery was acquitted of the murder. Church members couldn’t believe Candy was the one who had killed Betty in the frenzied attack.


Even more unbelievable, Candy Montgomery got off scot-free. After the trial, Candy moved to Georgia and changed her name to Candace Wheeler. She is now a therapist, helping women in domestic abuse situations. Her husband stuck by her in the beginning. However, they later divorced.


Allen Gore relocated to California and remarried just two months after Betty Gore’s death. No word on whatever happened to Betty Gore’s baby. 1980s: The Deadliest Decade will air the story of Betty Gore and Candy Montgomery tonight at 9 p.m. on Investigation Discovery.


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