Susan Hernandez, Anthony Sena: ‘Blood Relatives’ Grandmother, Grandson Pueblo, Colorado Murder Case On ID Documentary Series


Susan Hernandez, the grandmother who was killed by grandson Anthony Sena in Pueblo, Colorado, two years ago, is the case Blood Relatives will examine this week on Investigation Discovery. The episode title for this story is “A Killing in Rotation.” Family members will take part in the interview for Thursday’s show. Crime documents show Anthony Sena, 29, was so greedy to get his hands on his grandmother’s money that he killed her. Today, Anthony Sena is serving a life sentence without parole in a Colorado correctional facility.


Blood Relatives episode “A Killing in Rotation”

When a beloved grandmother is found dead in her smoldering home, police detectives think it could be a burglary until DNA evidence taken from the victim’s hand leads them to someone inside her large family as the killer.



On Blood Relatives: Grandma Killed by Grandson Who Was Supposed To Fix Roof

When Katrina Livecchi couldn’t make contact with her mother by phone in 2015, she immediately felt something was unusual. She spoke with Susan Hernandez by phone daily to check up on her. After trying a few more times, Katrina made the drive to Pueblo, where she found her mother’s house on fire.


911 operators captured the call in real-time as Katrina searched the house to find her mother. Dispatch operators told her to get out, but Katrina said she couldn’t leave until she found her mother. Sadly, she found a smoky Susan Hernandez, 77, in the basement of her home.



Once police processed the scene, they realized Susan Hernandez had been struck several times on the back of the head before starting the fire, which they believe was set to conceal the killer’s identity. The murder of Susan Hernandez was almost the perfect murder had her hand not led them to the killer. Court records show detectives were able to retrieve DNA evidence from Susan Hernandez’ fingers, which pointed to a male member of Susan Hernandez’ multi-generational family.


Out of five men, four were ruled out, leaving detectives with Anthony Sena, the victim’s grandson. They learned Anthony Sena had been hired by his grandmother to repair her roof. She allegedly kept a large sum of cash in a box in her home. Anthony Sena took the money but didn’t fix the roof.


Katrina Livecchi told Crime News Daily that her mother was losing sleep because Anthony Sena kept making excuses about why the roof wasn’t finished. He also refused to return the money to his grandma. Police believe the situation took a deadly turn after Susan Hernandez told Anthony Sena she’d call the police if he didn’t give her back the money. She was also planning to hire someone else to take over the unfinished job.



Pueblo, Colorado, investigators believed Anthony Sena kicked in the door to his grandmother’s home and killed her. Then, he tried to pretend he was worried and anguished over his grandmother’s death when investigators and other family members arrived at the crime scene.


One of Susan Hernandez’ daughters said Anthony Sena put his arms around her and told her he was sorry. She said she couldn’t believe those evil hands had actually touched her and that she would never forgive him for what he did. Anthony Sena was the son of Vanessa, one of Susan Hernandez’ other daughters who lived directly across the street, according to People. If you watch Crime Watch Daily’s coverage, the look on Vanessa’s face seemed like she knew something wasn’t right with her son’s story.


Family members knew Anthony Sena was a cold-hearted and disrespectful young man. However, it was hard to imagine that one of Susan Hernandez’ own grandsons could do that to her. Investigators say this murder was intentional. Watch the story of Anthony Sena and Susan Hernandez on Blood Relatives this Thursday at 9 p.m. on ID. A previous episode dealt with the case of Tia Skinner, according to TV Crime Sky’s coverage.



[Main Image via Crime Watch Daily/YouTube/Colorado Dept. of Corrections]

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