‘Home Alone’ ‘Behind The Shower Curtain’ Who Is Shane, Catherine, And Cheryl? Investigation Discovery Episode


Home Alone‘s Investigation Discovery episode this week is “Behind The Shower Curtain,” an intriguing and nail-biting episode about a young woman named “Catherine,” who lives in a house with her grandmother, sister, and mother. However, Catherine is dealing with something that is going to affect them all. She has a crazy ex-boyfriend who continues to stalk and harass her, according to ID’s schedule.


Home Alone episode “Behind The Shower Curtain”

If Catherine thinks getting rid of her ex will make life happy again, she has another thing coming. This crazed ex-doesn’t take too kindly to being dumped. Now, he’ll blast his way inside her home and hold her entire family hostage.


Catherine’s boyfriend Shane has problems with substance abuse, which makes him even more dangerous. Over time, Catherine manages to dodge Shane whenever she sees him in public. The situation comes to a head when Shane spots Catherine out and follows her home. Armed and dangerous, he enters the house and holds the entire family hostage for hours, resulting in the death of a family friend. Shane makes Cheryl and the rest of the family go into the bathroom as police move in. However, there is another person in the bathroom hiding behind a shower curtain. Is it Catherine?


New Show" Home Alone, Lets how this goes 👍🏼

Posted by AJ Rivera on Thursday, October 12, 2017




To find out more about what really happened, watch Investigation Discovery’s Home Alone this Thursday at 10/9 p.m. Central. TV Crime Sky believes the episode is based on the Shane Young case. Home Alone’s TV series on ID is produced by October Films. The case of Katie Key also premiered on this season’s episode of Home Alone.



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