Elisa Lam: ‘Horror At The Cecil Hotel’ ‘Girl In The Water Tank’ Death Case On Investigation Discovery Documentary


Elisa Lam’s Horror at the Cecil Hotel water tank case airs this Monday on Investigation Discovery. Horror at the Cecil Hotel is a new documentary that focuses on the strange deaths and murders that have occurred at one of Downtown Los Angeles’ most infamous hotels. Elisa Lam, also known as Lam Ho Yi, vanished under mysterious circumstances while inside the Cecil Hotel. Her death was ruled a drowning, but many believe something else occurred on the rooftop that day. The Elisa Lam Horror at the Cecil Hotel episode is called “The Girl in the Water Tank.”


Horror at the Cecil Hotel episode “The Girl in the Water Tank

Horror at the Cecil Hotel’s episode retraces Elisa Lam’s last steps in 2013 before she was found dead. Authorities stated Elisa Lam, a twenty-one-year-old Asian/Chinese student studying in Canada, came to Los Angeles to enjoy a “West Coast tour.”


A missing person report was filed when no one had heard from Elisa Lam. Hotel video surveillance footage showed the petite woman was indeed at Hotel Cecil on Main Street. In the video footage, Lam was behaving erratically as she walked up and down the hallway.


He Subido Un Nuevo VideoHotel Cecil Y Elisa LamLINK:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtrrgLy_UXI

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An even more disturbing shot was taken of Elisa Lam inside the Cecil Hotel’s elevator, where she was seen pushing button after button for different floors. Sadly, her body was found on top of the roof of the Cecil Hotel by a maintenance man.


The Cecil Hotel’s maintenance department received several complaints from hotel guests about the low water pressure. When an employee went up to the roof to find out what was happening, he made a shocking discovery. The body of Elisa Lam was found floating in the water tank with her belongings nearby.


A medical examiner’s report listed the cause of Elisa Lam’s death as drowning. However, many believe in light of the other strange deaths, murders, and occurrences there, a supernatural connection should be considered.


Cecil Hotel – A True Story: 2013 Death of Elisa Lam: Los Angeles Californiahttp://youtu.be/4dYHzblg84A

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Others have stated they think the Cecil Hotel guest was murdered by someone and dumped in the water tank. According to The Los Angeles Times, many unanswered questions about Elisa Lam’s death abound. How did she make it to the roof? And why was she unclothed? Did another guest at Hotel Cecil kill her? Or was it a hotel employee?


Elisa Lam’s hotel death can be compared to that of Kenneka Jenkins, an African-American teen who vanished from the Rosemont Hotel and was later found dead in the hotel’s freezer. No one knows how she got there. Like in Elisa Lam’s case, videotape also showed Jenkins acting wildly as she stumbled around the hotel.


Investigation Discovery’s Horror at the Cecil Hotel will probe these questions and more through expert commentary and storytelling this Monday, October 23, at 10/9 p.m. Central.


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