Cece Dove, Andrey Bridges: ‘Swamp Murders’—Missing Transgender Fatal Attraction Story Airs, Did Ohio Man Think ‘Cemia’ Was A Real Woman?


Cece Dove, a transgender female murdered by Andrey Bridges in Ohio, will have her fatal attraction story featured on Swamp Murders on ID. CeCe Dove, who also went by the name Cemia Dove but named Carl Acoff Jr., at birth, died in an Olmsted Township apartment after going to meet with a man who allegedly believed Cece Dove was a real or biologically-born female. Swamp Murders focuses on missing person cases whose victims are later found dead in bodies of water. In the case of Cece ‘Cemia’ Dove, her body was found in 2013 in a pond or small lake.


Swamp Murders episode “Double Crossed” on Investigation Discovery

When the body of a 20-year-old male is found in a pond, police later connect the murder to a missing person case in Cleveland. After launching an investigation into the man’s secret life, they discover he lived his life as a woman. Did the victim meet a dangerous internet killer?



The CeCe Dove (Cemia Dove) Murder Case: 2013

The murder of Cece Dove (Cemia Dove) evoked strong interest from the transgender community after her body was located in an Ohio pond. She went missing from her home months earlier. Her mother said she last saw her son when he left in a taxi. What she didn’t know was that her son had a secret life as a “working girl.”


On the day Cece Dove went missing, Swamp Murders‘ episode will show she arranged to meet with a man she met online. The man, who was later identified as Andrey Bridges, agreed to send a taxi to pick her up. After that, Cemia Dove vanished into thin air. The cold case heated up months later when a man found the body in the water and called the police. Investigators noted the victim was partially clothed and wearing a bra with several layers of padding. However, they classified the person as a male.


Cleveland: The man convicted of murdering trans woman Cemia CeCe Dove has been sentenced to life in prison, but with a…

Posted by International Foundation for Gender Education on Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Investigators say a rope was wound around CeCe Dove’s torso, which was attached to a heavy cement block. Andrey Bridges went to great lengths to sink the body and cover up what he had done. Medical examiners found over 40 punctures to the body. There is also an indication that Cece ‘Cemia’ Dove (Carl Acoff) was strangled.


Ohio detectives solved the case after the body was linked to a missing person report that had been filed. A witness stated Cece Dove arrived at the apartment complex by cab and then entered one of the apartments where Andrey Bridges lived. The killer’s landlord also reported seeing blood in the apartment one day when he stopped by unannounced.


A hospital receipt found near the pond had Andrey Bridges name on it. The taxi driver also confirmed dropping Cece Dove at that location. You will learn on Swamp Murders that in 2013, Andrey Bridges was convicted and sentenced to life in prison with the chance of parole after 20 years. He tried to appeal his conviction in 2015, but it was upheld. Prior to his murder conviction, Andrey Bridges had an extensive criminal record.



It isn’t confirmed if Andrey Bridges knew Cece Dove was a transgender female. Prosecutors don’t believe he was aware of her true identity. Those in the transgender community believe he knew. They say straight males like to pretend they don’t know. Did Cece Dove trick Andrey Bridges? And did Bridges go crazy after finding out she was disguised as a biological woman? Watch Swamp Murder tonight at 9 p.m. on Investigation Discovery. Cece Cemia Dove’s story also aired on an episode of Fatal Attraction on TV One.



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