Heidi Allen: No Body Found Store Clerk Murder, Gary Thibodeau Near Death, On ‘Deadline Crime With Tamron Hall’ Show


Heidi Allen’s disappearance and murder by convicted killer Gary Thibodeau debuts on a new episode of Deadline Crime with Tamron Hall. Heidi Allen was just 18-years-old when she suddenly vanished during her shift at a local store in New Haven, New York, almost 25 years ago. Her body has never been found. The episode showing Heidi Allen’s murder case is “The Vanishing Clerk.”


Deadline Crime with Tamron Hall episode “The Vanishing Clerk”

When an 18-year-old store clerk vanishes, Oswego County investigators point the finger at two brothers. But did they do it?



The Heidi Allen Case: Who Killed Her?

Even after almost 25 years, people still want to know if Gary Thibodeau was really the one who kidnapped and killed Heidi Allen. Many believe someone else took her from the convenience store that Easter morning. That’s what Investigation Discovery’s Deadline Crime with Tamron Hall will investigate.


Investigators in New Haven, New York arrived at the store and found nothing missing, except Heidi Allen that Easter morning in 1994. This case did not appear to be a robbery. Heidi Allen wouldn’t walk away from her life without telling family members.


A Killer On The Loose

Searches were conducted to try to locate the missing clerk, but few clues turned up. Since no one had been caught, it created a sense of fear and worry throughout the community and among other store clerks who had to work the night shift.


Nothing calmed the fears of the community until a tip led to the arrest of Gary Thibodeau and his brother, Richard Thibodeau. From the beginning, Richard Thibodeau told New York investigators they had the wrong man.


Gary Thibodeau Near Death? Sources Say He Only Has Six Months To Live

In the end, Gary Thibodeau was sent to prison. Richard Thibodeau was eventually acquitted of the crime, but by then, his entire life was ruined. Richard Thibodeau still had to live under a thick cloud of suspicion. Others say the prosecutors refused to listen to those who claim to know who committed this murder.


Throughout the years, Gary Thibodeau also claimed police had the wrong guy. He tried to have his conviction thrown out or receive a new trial. In June of this year, a court upheld his conviction. His supporters believe he’s innocent and that no physical evidence ever directly linked Gary to Heidi’s murder, they say.


Gary Thibodeau had been trying to get out of prison due to his failing health. According to a report by WRVO, he only has six months to live. Gary Thibodeau’s life in prison has been miserable since he is wheelchair-bound and cannot breathe. If he dies, it’s possible no one will ever know where Heidi Allen’s body is, unless new information leads to the arrest of someone else.



The case of Heidi Allen has a lot of twists and turns. Deadline Crime with Tamron Hall is sure to dig deep to find out the truth by interviewing those close to the case and uncovering any new information if any. Deadline Crime with Tamron Hall airs this Sunday at 10/9 p.m. Central on Investigation Discovery (ID).


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