“Lifetime’s ‘Psycho In-Law’ Movie And ‘Rambo Grandma’ True Story–Two Deadly Tales


Lifetime’s Psycho In-Law movie sounds like it was ripped from a true-story headline. Scheduled to premiere this Sunday, Psycho In-Law is written by Becca Topal and directed by Jeff Hare. According to IMDB, Tom Berry and Ken Sanders worked as producers on the TV film. Psycho In-Law is about a bride who becomes the deadly target of her groom-to-be’s ex-mother-in-law.


Lifetime’s Psycho In-Law movie teaser is just that—a teaser. It appears they cut the trailer in mid-sentence to avoid giving away too many details. All we know is Catherine Dyer is playing one crazy grandma who is off her rocker.


Catherine Dyer, known as Joyce in Psycho In-Law, just can’t shake the love and devotion she has for her former son-in-law, Brock. You see, Brock’s first wife recently died, making him a widower having to raise his kids alone. That is—until Tina comes into his life.


Granny Joyce has been helping out but feels she’ll be replaced after Brock announces his engagement to Tina. However, if Tina thinks she’s stepping in to care for Brock and Joyce’s grandchildren all alone, she has another thing coming. Joyce will stop at nothing to make Tina disappear for good.


Joyce (Catherine Dyer, "Stranger Things") will do anything to keep her family together – even murder…. PSYCHO IN-LAW television premiere Sunday October 15th at 8/7c only on Lifetime….

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Brock just wants Joyce to get back to being a grandmother. However, helping out in the home Tina will soon call her own isn’t an option for this crazy grandma. Now, Joyce has murder on her mind as Tina plans to wed.


Will Tina’s dream wedding turn into a hellacious nightmare? And will her guests be attending a funeral or a wedding?


Tina (Katie Leclerc) and Joyce (Catherine Dyer, "Stranger Things") have a strange relationship in PSYCHO IN-LAW – television premiere this Sunday, October 15th at 8/7c only on Lifetime…..

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Longtime fans of Lifetime movies know producers love a true story. Psycho In-Law doesn’t appear to be “based” on a true story, but the plot has at least one thing in common to two crime stories that appeared in the news last year.


  • In 2015: Former mother-in-law Caroline Conway, 53, tried to shoot her former-daughter-in-law, Krystal Mange, to death at the Rock n Roll McDonald’s in Waldorf, Maryland. Authorities say Police Officer Richard Conway, 28, and his mother, Caroline Conway, were jealous that Krystal Mange had moved on with her life and had remarried. Caroline Conway didn’t want her daughter-in-law to have her grandchildren. Krystal Mange, who was pregnant at the time, survived the ambush. Her husband, Robert Mange died. Caroline Conway and Richard Conway received life in prison.


  • In 2016, Jenna Wall,35, a beloved teacher, was shot dead in her Powder Springs home, outside Atlanta, Georgia, by her mother-in-law Elizabeth Wall, 63. Jenna Wall and her estranged husband were going through a bitter divorce. Jenna Wall’s two children, who were ages 7 and 8, heard the shots as they rang out. According to the New York Daily News, Jenna Wall had reconnected with a former flame and began an affair.


Lifetime Television’s Psycho In-Law airs this Sunday, October 15, at 8/7 p.m. Central. It stars┬áKatie Leclerc and Catherine Dyer. In the late 1990s, there was a Lifetime movie about a psycho mother-in-law that was entirely based on a true case. It involved the story of Elizabeth Ann ‘Ma’ Duncan.




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