Katie Key, Jason McCamey: ‘Home Alone’–Mosheim, Tennessee 2007 Stalking Murder Case On ID Documentary


The Katie Key and Jason McCamey Tennessee murder case premieres on Home Alone this week. Home Alone is Investigation Discovery’s newest crime TV series. Katie Key’s story will be told by her parents Tammy Fellers and Gary Key. A decade ago, Katie Key, 17, was shot to death in her Greene County home by a man she formerly dated. Her case helped shed light on domestic abuse in dating relationships. Home Alone on Investigation Discovery brings you the scariest murder cases, involving victims who were home alone when the crime occurred, according to Discovery Communications.


Home Alone episode “Portrait of a Stalker”

A small-town murder rocks the town after a mother receives a photo message by phone from her daughter’s stalker.


Katie Key Stalking Murder Case in Tennessee

On ID’s Home Alone premiere, Tammy Fellers discusses the murder of her daughter, Katie Key, a West Greene High School senior who was killed by Jason Lynn McCamey, 29. The two dated briefly, but at some point, Katie Key realized Jason Lynn McCamey was an abusive and dangerous man. She finally broke up with him. However, Katie Key had no idea that ending the relationship with Jason would lead to stalking and finally her death.


By the time her mother, Tammy Fellers, found out about it, Katie Key was already in over her head. On Investigation Discovery’s true crime documentary Home Alone, Tammy describes the horror Jason McCamey inflicted upon the entire family.


Jason Lynn McCamey called the house at all hours of the day and night. Katie Key’s parents even found out the man had slept outside in their barn. It was clear, he wanted them to know he had been there. Jason also left a note and some of his belongings in the barn.



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Protecting Katie 

Katie Key’s father took precautions by putting some security measures in place, but it seemed like nothing could stop Jason McCamey. He had been calling the house and sending threatening text messages. Now, he was on their property.


It was like living in a nightmare. Jason McCamey would not accept the fact that Katie Key no longer wanted anything to do with him. What Tammy later found out was even more disturbing. On Home Alone‘s TV series, she describes the moment she realized her daughter had been intimate with Jason McCamey.


The worried mother later received a text photo message that she was unable to open on her phone. When she went to use the family computer and opened the message, it was a picture of Katie Key. In the preview for ID’s Home Alone, Katie Key’s mother said she had nothing on. It’s also possible the photo showed even more. After seeing the picture, Tammy was shocked and hurt that the relationship had gone this far with Jason McCamey.


Sadly, there was nothing they could do to save their daughter. On January of 2007. Jason McCamey blasted his way through the door. Inside, he grabbed Katie Key and held against her will.


In case you missed it, here's the front of the Saturday edition of The Greeneville Sun.

Posted by The Greeneville Sun on Monday, October 9, 2017


At around 10 p.m., sheriff’s deputies arrived at the 107 Cutoff home in Ashton, to try to negotiate with Jason McCamey. The standoff lasted for hours, and around 2 a.m., police heard shots coming from inside the home. When they made their way inside, they found the bodies of Katie Nicole Key and Jason Lynn McCamey, The Greenville Sun reported.


McCamey had killed Katie Key and had taken his own life. Katie Key’s classmates and relatives were shaken with unimaginable grief. Before her death, Katie worked at a department store and was described as a fun-loving young lady who made excellent grades.



In 2008, Tammy Fellers sued the police department for wrongful death, according to The Greeneville Sun. You’ll hear the tragic story in greater detail on the premiere of Home Alone this Thursday, October 12, at 10/9 p.m. Central on Investigation Discovery’s channel. *At TV Crime Sky, we strive for accuracy. Please let us know by email which detail is incorrect if there is an inaccuracy. The article is based on information taken from documented research and ID’s Home Alone trailer.



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