Seath Jackson, Amber Wright: Facebook Murder Of Summerfield, Florida Teen By Michael Bargo On ID’s ‘Grave Mysteries’


Amber Wright and Seath Jackson’s Summerfield, Florida Facebook murder, which was orchestrated by Michael Bargo airs tonight on ID Channel’s Grave Mysteries TV show. The crime documentary series will re-create the events that led to the demise of Seath Jackson, 15, in 2011, after he was lured by Michael Bargo to his death. The Grave Mysteries TV series’ episode chronicling the murder case is called “Text and Threats.”


Grave Mysteries episode “Text and Threats”

When a teen can’t get over his ex-girlfriend, hurt feelings and insults are exchanged on social media. Then, he mysteriously disappears, leading police to suspect it’s just another teen runaway case.


Seath Jackson Summerfield, Florida Murder Case on Grave Mysteries

What happened to Seath Jackson shouldn’t happen to anyone—ever. And it was all over a girl and a Facebook post. Seath Jackson made the mistake of falling in love with Amber Wright, a manipulative teen who got him killed.


While they were in love, things were good. Seath Jackson’s parents even welcomed Amber Wright into their home and into their family. However, after the couple parted, the relationship soured fast, and Facebook became a battlefield, where Amber and Seath’s war of words eventually turned deadly.




Perhaps, the back and forth arguing between Seath Jackson and Amber Wright would have remained online without devastating consequences had it not been for Amber Wright’s new boyfriend, Michael Bargo. The hot-tempered young man didn’t play around, and he wasn’t the type to exchange empty threats with anyone. He got even.


Sources say Michael Bargo was jealous of Seath Jackson’s past relationship with Amber. It made him sick to see Seath posting nasty things about Amber Wright online. To everyone, it was obvious he still had deep feelings for Amber Wright, and Michael Bargo knew it.



To get even, Michael Bargo and Amber Wright enticed Seath Jackson to come to a house in Summerfield, Florida by text, making Seath believe he had the chance to win his girlfriend back. When he arrived at the trailer home, he was ambushed by several people. Seath Jackson was struck, shot, and placed in a bathtub, where they continued the assault.


In the end, the teens put Seath Jackson in a sleeping bag, killed him, then placed part of him in paint buckets, which were discarded in a quarry lake. Seath Jackson’s mother had reported him missing after he didn’t come back home for Sunday dinner.



[Second Image via Florida Dept. of Corrections]

The teens tried to keep their wicked deeds a secret, but it all unraveled after another teen told his mother what really happened to Seath Jackson that night. According to The Sun, one Florida detective stated that Amber Wright was the most diabolical 15-year-old he’d ever met in his life. Michael Bargo grew up rough. He lived in a home where tempers often flared. Planning Seath Jackson’s murder was nothing to him.

Charlie Ely is serving a life prison sentence for a crime she had virtually no role in committing — all because she…

Posted by Free Charlie Ely on Wednesday, September 2, 2015



According to CBS News, Amber Wright is serving a life sentence in prison. Michael Bargo, who was originally given death, had the sentence vacated. He is now waiting to be re-sentenced. Kyle Hooper, Justin Soto, and Charlie Ely were also found guilty of murder and given life sentences.


Charlie Ely has a Facebook page with a cover photo that says “put yourself in her place.” Supporters believe Charlie Ely didn’t deserve a life sentence since she claims she had nothing to do with the murder.


So many people knew what was going to happen to Seath Jackson, and not one person warned him, including Charlie Ely. To learn more about the Seath Jackson–Amber Wright story, watch Grave Mysteries tonight at 9 p.m. on Investigation Discovery Channel.



[Main Image via Florida Dept. of Corrections]

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