‘Bobbi Kristina’: Will Nick Gordon Watch TV One True Story Movie? Was Bathtub Death Murder?


Will Bobbi Kristina’s ex Nick Gordon watch TV One’s Bobbi Kristina true-story movie based on her 2015 bathtub death? TV One will air a riveting dramatization about Bobbi Kristina Brown’s relationship with lover Nick Gordon and mother Whitney Houston. Details of Bobbi Kristina’s sad funeral and a re-enactment of how she really died will also be exposed in the movie. Father Bobby Brown tangled with TV One to stop Bobbi Kristina from airing on the network. However, a judge recently ruled against the star. His daughter’s tragic story shocked fans after she was discovered lying face down and unresponsive in her bathtub months before she died.


Bobbi Kristina, the TV One television movie, stars Joy Rovaris, Nadji Jeter, Vivica A. Fox, Demetria McKinney, and Hassan Johnson.

Bobbi Kristina introduces us to the girl you thought you knew and the woman you never got to see.


Bobbi Kristina Movie: An Eerie History Repeats Itself

Bobby Brown didn’t want the Bobbi Kristina movie to air because he believes the movie portrays him (and Whitney Houston) in a negative light. Bobbi Kristina, who was often called Krissy, grew up in the public spotlight. Everyone remembers seeing a beautiful full-faced Whitney Houston in the music video “I Will Always Love You.” Fans didn’t know she was pregnant with Krissy until it was later revealed. From then on, Bobbi Kristina often appeared on stage or in the audience at her mother’s concerts.


Bobbi Kristina And Mommy: A Tumultuous But Loving Relationship

The mother-daughter duo had a fiery but loving relationship. Bobbi Kristina often witnessed the miserable consequences of her parents’ addictions. No matter what anyone says, growing up this way heavily impacted Krissy’s life. All parents make mistakes, and no one wants to see the unpleasantries of their lives played out on television. However, no one can talk about the death of Bobbi Kristina without reflecting on how she grew up and the domestic chaos she witnessed throughout her childhood. Despite their mistakes, Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston loved Bobbi Kristina dearly.


Bobbi Kristina was very close to Whitney Houston, and she often had to take care of her when she’d become upset and lash out at people in public. Bobbi Kristina watched Whitney deal with her disappointments and sadness by becoming intoxicated and getting into bathtubs.


It is also well documented that Bobby Brown was once found lying unresponsive on the floor, where he almost died after a binge in August of 2001.


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Inside the Mind of Bobbi Kristina: Nick Gordon Was Her “Everything”

After Whitney’s death, 18-year-old Bobbi Kristina drew closer to Nick Gordon and depended upon him emotionally. It had been that way ever since Nick came to live in Whitney’s house while she was alive. It’s also most likely when the intimate physical relationship between Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon first started.


However, after Whitney died, being in a relationship with Nick Gordon was like being on an emotional roller coaster. Nick Gordon allegedly began abusing Bobbi Kristina physically. The abuse would have been followed by making love. This is why she stayed. Bobbi Kristina probably believed the times Nick took good care of her outweighed his ill-treatment. However, the see-saw effect kept Bobbi Kristina in a state of confusion, insecurity, and depression. To ease her pain, Bobbi Kristina did what she knew: she drank and abused substances.


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Will TV One’s Bobbi Kristina Movie Stick To The True Story Facts Leading Up To Her Death?

By 2014, Bobbi Kristina was still coping with the death of her mother Whitney Houston while clinging to Nick Gordon. Krissy often pulled away from her real family to be with Nick.


According to friends, Nick Gordon often left Bobbi Kristina alone while he went out, making Krissy fear he was with other women. His nonchalant and uncaring attitude toward Bobbi Kristina was apparent in The Houstons: On Our Own TV reality series.


By January of 2015, Bobbi Kristina’s life was spiraling out of control. A witness spelled out what happened in the days and weeks before Bobbi Kristina was found in the bathtub.


  • On one occasion, she was involved in a car accident after losing control of her car.
  • On another occasion, the witness said she heard the couple arguing before Nick Gordon dragged Bobbi Kristina by the hair and left her with two missing teeth.


The day before her death, a Reelz Channel documentary revealed Nick Gordon went out partying with his friends on January 30 and stayed out all night. When he returned home at 6:00 a.m., on January 31, he was ready to wrangle with Bobbi Kristina. Allegedly, he stormed through the house and reviewed home security video to see if Bobbi Kristina had been with a lover.



The witness, who is believed to be (Daniella) Danyela Bradley, stated in the document that she heard arguing in the upstairs bedroom, where Nick allegedly accused Bobbi Kristina of cheating. The only thing she heard after that was silence.



Next, Nick Gordon appeared in Danyela’s bedroom, where he supposedly said he wanted to be with a pretty white girl. The witness doesn’t know for sure, but she believes Gordon had already given Bobbi Kristina a cocktail of substances before he placed her body in the bathtub, according to the Reelz Channel documentary. It will be fascinating to see if TV One’s Bobbi Kristina movie will dramatize the events from this angle.



Bobbi Kristina was located unresponsive in the bathtub by Max Lomas, Danyela’s boyfriend. Max lifted Bobbi Kristina’s tiny body from the water and performed CPR. Danyela said she could hear Nick Gordon screaming for everyone to clean up as he frantically drained the water from the tub. While Max called 911, Nick Gordon began CPR on Bobbi Kristina, which caused her to spit up water.


When Bobbi Kristina’s distraught relatives arrived at the hospital, they couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Bobbi Kristina was still alive, but she appeared bruised. It looked like she had been through a terrible ordeal, one that did not match the story Nick Gordon gave.


Angry family members didn’t allow Nick Gordon to see Bobbi Kristina in the hospital. Nick believed hearing the voice of the man she loved would have jolted Bobbi Kristina awake. He never saw Krissy again.


How Bobbi Kristina Really Died…Some Still Say It Was Murder

Substances were found in Bobbi Kristina’s system. In the end, she died of lobar pneumonia in hospice six months after the bathtub incident. It’s unlikely Bobbi Kristina was murdered. However, she was definitely neglected, and in 2016, Nick Gordon was found legally responsible for her death, a People’s report confirms.


According to doctors, it’s possible that an already-intoxicated Bobbi Kristina could have fallen into the bathtub face down, leaving her without the strength to turn herself over. While submerged underwater, Krissy would have been unable to breathe, which would render her unresponsive. The truth is—no one will ever really know what happened that day.


At the funeral, everyone was bereaved. Bobby Brown took her death especially hard. Today, Bobbi Kristina rests eternally next to her beloved mother, Whitney Houston.


Bobbi Kristina's Estate Joins Bobby Brown In $2M Suit Over TV One Biopic http://bit.ly/2xziMHC

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Nick Gordon vehemently denied most of the witness accounts found in the Bobbi Kristina estate documents. He also denied abusing Bobbi Kristina. Nick Gordon was arrested in June 2017 for domestic abuse. His girlfriend eventually dropped the charges.



Perhaps, Nick Gordon will reveal if he watched the movie based on their lives. Bobbi Kristina airs on TV One this Sunday, October 8, at 7/6 p.m. Central. You can watch a preview below. The last true-story movie that aired on TV One was about the life of killer Falicia Blakely.

Note: Some words were deliberately kept out of the article to keep it at a safe rating.

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