Cory Lovelace, Curtis Lovelace: Valentine’s Day Death Case On ‘Dateline NBC’ With Update


The Cory Lovelace and Curtis Lovelace Valentine’s Day death case is on Dateline NBC Friday. The episode will include an update on the latest in the investigation and the results of Curtis Lovelace criminal trial. Cory Lovelace died in her bed on Valentine’s Day in 2006, and no one knows what really happened to her. The Dateline episode reveals Curtis Lovelace, who was long suspected in her death, was found not guilty earlier this year. Curtis Lovelace initially told his story on CBS 48 Hours.


Dateline NBC episode “Mystery on the Mississippi”

Police take a look at the case of a mother of four who dies mysteriously on Valentine’s Day. Was it murder?



Curtis Lovelace has always said he didn’t kill his wife on February 14, 2006. The devoted mother’s Valentine’s Day death didn’t even make headlines that year because it wasn’t ruled a homicide. Her family members wanted to know more. How could a 38-year-old mother die without a cause?


After Cory Lovelace died and left her beautiful children, Curtis Lovelace remarried and started a new life. To many, it seemed like he was unconcerned, and some even questioned whether he had a hand in her death.



In 2006, Cory Lovelace’s death was ruled undetermined. Perhaps, she had died of natural causes. However, one detective, who reopened the case ten years later, believes Cory Lovelace was murdered by her husband, Curtis Lovelace. And at least one pathologist agreed with him. According to the pathologist, she was found in a strange position, indicating she may have been smothered with a pillow. It would have been a clean kill.



Curtis Lovelace told police he found his wife upon returning to his home. He said Cory Lovelace was sick in bed that morning, but she was alive when he left to take the children to school. When Curtis Lovelace finally went to check on his wife, he knew immediately something was wrong and contacted authorities.


Detectives started investigating the couple’s relationship. They found the Lovelace house was not a happy place and that Cory Lovelace often argued with Curtis. Cory had a history of drinking. Could this have played a role in her death?


Dateline NBC investigates tonight. Curtis Lovelace will tell his story, along with reporters who covered the case. Dateline NBC’s episode “Mystery on the Mississippi” airs tonight at 9/8 p.m. Central.






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