Skeletal Remains Found In Dekalb County, Georgia Home, Ellenwood Man Dead More Than A Year


Someone forgot all about a disabled man who lived alone in his Dekalb County, Georgia home. Police say a homeless man discovered the dead man’s skeletal remains after peering through a window in the Ellenwood area. According to WRDW-TV, police believe the body has been inside the abandoned home for more than a year, possibly since 2015. Right now, no one knows who he is.


The Daily Mail is reporting that police are sending the remains to the medical examiner’s office for answers. They expect it will take quite some time to find the man’s identity, and they say they may never find out exactly what caused his death.



Neighbors say they remember seeing the man at his home. He had sisters who would visit and keep up with the property grounds. After a while, they stopped visiting. Allegedly, the women were notified a few years back that a tree had fallen on the home. The dead man is about 48-years-old and was in ill health. Authorities say the home belonged to his parents, who expired about ten years ago.



Sadly, the story of this unnamed decedent isn’t a rare one. One popular case involves the story of Joyce Carol Vincent, a beautiful black woman who was found dead on the floor of her London home more than two years after she died. The television was still blaring when the body was found. Her story was the subject of Dreams of a Life, a 2011 documentary on Netflix.


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