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Lawrence Horn, the killer dad who inspired the movie Deliberate Intent is dead, according to a recent Investigation Discovery TV series. Recently, TV Crime Sky reported Shattered was airing a documentary about the Maryland hitman case. Lawrence Horn, also known as Lawrence Thomas ‘LT Horn, hired a Detroit man to kill his quadriplegic son and his ex-wife in 1993. Here’s what many Investigation Discovery channel viewers didn’t know—there is a true-story movie based on the Lawrence Horn murder case.


According to the Internet Movie Database (IMDB), Deliberate Intent aired on television for the first time on August 6, 2000. It premiered on the FX Channel, before airing on Lifetime Television for the next several years.


Deliberate Intent was directed by Andy Wolk and written by Lisa Mohan. It was based on the 1999 book Deliberate Intent by Rod Smolla and starred Timothy Hutton as Rod Smolla, Ron Rifkin as Howard Siegel, Clark Johnson as James Perry, James McDaniel as Lawrence Horn, Yanna McIntosh as Elaine, Karen Andren as Tiffani Horn, Alexandra Johnson as Tamielle Horn, Courtney Johnson as Trevor Horn, and Kelly King as Millie Horn.



The Lawrence Horn, Millie Horn case made headlines in the 1990s when it was revealed that Lawrence Horn, a former Motown recording engineer, hired a man who used the Hitman manual to kill his victims. The family took the publishing company to court and won a settlement. Trevor Horn, Millie Horn, and nurse Janice Saunders were inside the Maryland home when James Perry sneaked inside and shot them. Tamielle Horn, Trevor’s twin sister, was spending the night at her Aunt Elaine’s home on the night of the murders.


Today, Tamielle Horn, who goes by different last name, is a beautiful woman in her thirties. From the Facebook page, it looks like she has a son of her own, who looks a lot like Trevor Horn. Tamielle Horn did not appear in the Shattered documentary.

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The TV movie based on the murder of Millie Horn tried to show the “deliberate intent” with which Lawrence Horn acted when he decided to kill his family for cash. Tiffani Horn visited her father in prison before he died in February. She said her ill-looking father was glad to see her but never apologized for what he did. He was serving three life sentences in prison before his death.


Deliberate Intent was mostly a courtroom drama that told the story from the side of Rod Smolla and his relationship with the lawyers. It also depended heavily on the details of the book and how well James Perry followed the manual instructions.


The movie is available to watch online at Movies123, under the title Deliberate Intent. Movies based on true stories fans made the connection to the movie after a viewer posted the information in a Facebook forum. Many remembered there was a hitman movie, but they didn’t realize that it was the Lawrence and Millie Horn story.


Read TV Crime Sky‘s original write-up about the Trevor Horn story and find out what happened to James Perry, the hitman, here. The murder case also inspired an old episode of New Detectives and The FBI Files.


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