Mildred Horn, Trevor Horn: Motown Exec Hired Hitman, James Perry, To Kill Ex-Wife, Paraplegic Son On ‘Shattered’


Mildred “Millie” Horn, Trevor Horn, and Janice Saunders were murdered execution-style in a Maryland home in 1993 by a man Mildred’s ex-husband hired to kill her, the night nurse, and her paraplegic son. ID’s Shattered will tell the story in their episode titled “Sins of the Father.” Lawrence “L.T.” Horn, a former Motown recording engineer, hired hitman and spiritual advisor James Perry to murder his family for money. On Shattered, Mildred’s daughter, Tiffani Horn, will describe how she was unwittingly brought into the murder plot by providing her father with information about Mildred’s whereabouts.


The Marriage Wasn’t Made In Heaven

Mildred Maree (Millie) was a beautiful American Airlines flight attendant who met Lawrence Horn in the 1970s. He was on top of his game working as a talented recording engineer at Motown Records. The couple fell in love and married in the early 1970s. However, their marriage became strained. Lawrence was married to his work, and Mildred Horn was spending time at her home while her husband worked out of town.


According to UPROXX, when Mildred and Lawrence Horn decided to separate, they still spent intimate time together, and Mildred ended up pregnant with twins: Tamielle and Trevor Horn. Trevor was born with severe problems and was paraplegic. This required around-the-clock care, putting, even more, stress on an already-fragile marriage.


Lawrence Horn is a musician, formerly a record producer and chief recording engineer for Motown Records. He is currently…

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Before long, Mildred Horn wanted a divorce and demanded child support from Lawrence L.T. Horn, who was no longer earning a substantial income. In fact, Lawrence Horn eventually lost his job at Motown. In the end, he was living in a small apartment in the seediest part of Hollywood.


Prosecutors said Lawrence Horn became so bitter about the comfortable lifestyle Mildred Horn was living with their son that he hired a hitman to get rid of them. Years prior, Mildred Horn sued the Children’s Hospital and won a malpractice lawsuit due to a botched surgery that left Trevor with further injuries. $1.7 million of that money was put into a trust fund for Trevor Horn, but Lawrence Horn wanted it.


Mildred Horn’s greedy ex-husband also wanted to get his hands on the life insurance money, which would net him around $2 million in the event of their deaths. Lawrence became so distraught over his money situation that he visited his cousin, who then introduced him to a spiritual advisor named James Perry. This introduction would prove to be deadly for Mildred and Trevor Horn.



[Second Image Lawrence Horn and James Perry via YouTube]

Instead of advising him spiritually, James Perry agreed to help Horn get rid of his family. A hitman guide taught him exactly how to do it. On the night of the murders, Lawrence Horn was sitting in front of his television, knowing miles away his ex-wife would die.


A Sister’s Grisly Find

The bodies of Mildred Horn, 43, Janice Roberts Saunders, 38, and Trevor Horn, 8, were found the next morning by Mildred’s sister. Trevor Horn was smothered to death, and his breathing tube was removed. Mildred and her overnight nurse, Janice Saunders, were shot in the eye, a technique James Perry learned from the book.


The investigation into the murders quickly pointed to Lawrence Horn. Because of their thorough investigation, detectives were able to link Lawrence Horn and James Perry together. They were arrested, convicted, and sentenced to life in prison.


About Hitman James Perry

Note: James Perry was originally given three death sentences. However, those sentences were overturned. He received three life sentences, instead. According to the Washington Post, James Perry died of natural causes at the age of 61 between 2009 and 2010.


Tiffani Horn was away at college when she got the news that her mother and brother had been killed. She cried the entire way home. Shattered, Investigation Discovery’s crime documentary series, has told a number of compelling stories this season. The murders of Mildred and Trevor Horn will air tonight at 10 p.m. on ID.

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