Sharyn Killsback, Curtis Brown: ‘Bandit’ Murderer Of Indian Woman In Texas Cold Case Featured On ‘Swamp Murders’


Sharyn Kills Back (Killsback), a woman murdered by bandit killer Curtis Brown and left in a Texas storm drain more than thirty years ago, will be the featured case on Swamp Murders on Investigation Discovery. Sharyn KillsBack vanished during a night walk before she was abducted. The case turned cold and went unsolved for 20 years. Swamp Murders’ episode based on the Killsback-Brown case is called “Stranger in the Night.”


Swamp Murders episode “Stranger in the Night”

When Sharyn Kills Back’s friend, Barbara Bouknight, left her during a nighttime walk, she never imagined she’d never see Sharyn Killsback again. For two decades no one knew what really happened to her.


According to Texas detectives, it was 1985 when Sharyn Kills Back left her Arlington apartment to visit a friend. She had begun the walk with Barbara, who suddenly decided not to go. By the time Barbara went back to look for her, which was just a few minutes later, Sharyn Killsback had vanished, according to Swamp Murders‘ crime TV series.


A worried Barbara called the police to file a missing person report. It wasn’t long before Barbara found out the truth. Sharyn had been found dead in a storm drain by a plumber. Authorities found her with thick mud on her face and a rope around the neck. They identified the victim as 18-year-old Sharyn Kills Back.


According to Swamp Murders’ coverage, Sharyn Kills Back once-lived with her family on an Indian reservation but left to have a better life and work in Arlington. The move always troubled her mother. Sharyn Killsback, who was part of the Ogalala Sioux Tribe, never thought twice about walking alone. This time, however, things were different. Sharyn Kills Back walked out of her apartment and into the arms of a dangerous killer.




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That killer was Curtis Brown, a man who lived a troubled life ever since he was a kid. Police made the connection to Curtis Brown in 2005 after his DNA was a match. By then, he had already killed, police suspect, over a dozen women.


  • Terece Gregory, 29, was found floating in Trinity River in 1985. She’d been shot.
  • Jewel Woods, a 51-year-old nurse was ambushed in her apartment, then dumped in a field.

Curtis Brown was sent to prison for 19 years to life in 1989. When confronted with the new evidence in 2005, he confessed and was sentenced to two life sentences in 2009.


According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and the Dallas Observer, Curtis Don Brown had a horrible life. His two small siblings passed away tragically in a house fire in the 1970s. Curtis Don Brown managed to get out alive.


Afterwards, family members say Curtis Brown continued to act out and get into trouble. Swamp Murders will air the case of Sharyn Killsback this Saturday at 10/9 p.m. Central on the ID Channel. Last week’s Swamp Murders case was about the story of Tina Hendricks.

Note: The name of the victim is spelled Kills Back and Killsback in various documents and news accounts. TV Crime Sky referred to both spelling here for research purposes.


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