Brian Steckel, Sandra Long: On ‘Shattered’–New Castle Killer Used Nylon Stockings, Last Meal Cheesesteak


The Brian Steckel and Sandra Long murder case is on Shattered tonight on the ID channel. Under the episode title, “Driftwood Killer,” Shattered will chronicle the harrowing events of 1994 in New Castle, Delaware when Sandra Lee Long was found dead in a burning home. The TV crime documentary will tell Sandra Lee Long’s story from the point of view of the detective who suspected it was no accident, the sister who mourned for the former waitress, and a man who realized his brother was a killer.



On this week’s Shattered television series on Investigation Discovery, viewers learn about the case of Sandra Long, a data-entry clerk who was murdered in her New Castle home in September of 1994. The detectives working the case believed the fire was intentionally set. A medical examiner’s report confirmed Sandra Long was strangled with nylon stockings. However, it was the smoke that killed her.


What made the case even more disturbing, Shattered will show, is the way Brian Steckel taunted news outlets with phone calls to the station, where he identified himself as the Driftwood Killer. In those calls, he stated there would be more victims. All the calls were traced back to Brian David Steckel, a red-haired giant, who had boasted and bragged about being a killer. He eventually confessed to the murder of Sandra Long, who was a divorced 29-year old who’d met him in her building the week prior.


The crimes of Brian Steckel were particularly diabolical and evil. His true nature was revealed even further when he sent Sandra Long’s mother the medical examiner’s report with the words “Read it and weep,” according to Delaware court records. Prosecutors believed the death penalty was the best punishment for Brian Steckel. After spending time on death row, Brian Steckel claimed he had changed his ways. Extremely apologetic, he said his own family was afraid of him.


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According to court records, Brian Steckel’s daughter cried when she learned he’d lost all of his appeals and was going to die. Before his 2005 execution, Brian Steckel wanted one last meal–a cheesesteak with a cold Pepsi and crispy coleslaw. More details will be covered on Shattered’s true crime show tonight. It airs at 10/9 p.m. Central on the  Investigation Discovery channel.




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