Rashaunda ‘Shun’ Holyfield, Danielle Sullens: ‘Bojangles’ Manager Murdered Protecting Son From Crazed Woman


Rashaunda Holyfield, an assistant manager at Bojangles,’ was stabbed to death at her home in Birmingham, Alabama four days ago by Danielle Sullens, according to authorities. Rashaunda Holyfield, who many call “Shun,” died while trying to break-up an altercation between her killer and her son.


A Murder In East Lake: What Happened To Bojangles’ Manager?

The tragic events unfolded in the 7700 block of Third Ave South in an area known as East Lake. Birmingham Police say they received a 911 call about the fatal encounter on Friday, September 15. When they arrived at the home, they saw a black female lying on the ground. The victim was identified as Rashaunda Holyfield, according to AL.



Police say the tragedy occurred right after a previous altercation took place at a nearby gas station just moments before. After Rashaunda Holyfield’s son left the gas station and arrived at his mother’s house, Danielle Sullens followed and resumed the argument there. Rashaunda Holyfield intervened but was killed while trying to protect her son. Police say the victim was stabbed multiple times.


A neighbor told WVTM-9, she tried to help Rashaunda as she struggled to speak. Eventually, her breathing became shallow, and she lost consciousness. Onlookers gathered as sirens rang out and the flashing lights of the police cars blazed. Someone videotaped the scene and shared it in an online group, sources say.


Shun Holyfield was later taken to UAB hospital, where she was pronounced dead. Two days before Danielle Sullens killed Shun Holyfield, she posted a video about the mysterious death of Kenneka Jenkins, a 19-year-old woman who was found dead in a freezer. Sullens also had an interest in missing person cases, and one of her last Facebook posts was a video about women being fed up in relationships.




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Rashaunda Holyfield’s friends told TV Crime Sky they are devastated by her death. They say she was a wonderful and loving person, who would have never followed anyone to pursue an argument. Mattie, a close friend, told TV Crime Sky the following.


“Shun and I have been friends for a long time. We started telling everyone we were sisters. She was a great person who loved and did for everybody. This hurt me so badly.”


TV Crime Sky also reached out to Bojangles’ restaurant on Highway 280 in Chelsea, where her manager, Tony, described her as a “good person.”




[Third Image via Danielle Sullens’ Facebook]

Less is known about Danielle Sullens. According to Danielle Sullens’ social media profile, she graduated from Woodlawn High School and attended college at Jeff State. Her last job was at Scholar Craft Productions, where she worked as an assembly line employee.


[Fourth Image via Facebook/Jefferson County Sheriff]

Police have charged Danielle Sullens with murder and second-degree assault. We will continue to update this story as more information becomes available. TV Crime Sky is tracking down more information about the connection between Danielle Sullens and Rashaunda Holyfield’s son.


[Main Image via Danielle Sullen and Rashaunda ‘Shun’ Holyfield Facebook]

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