Lifetime’s ‘Ten Murder Island’ Movie Unleashes Fright In Novel-Based Teen Thriller, Starring Cassidy Gifford, China Anne McClain


Lifetime’s Ten Murder Island movie gives viewers a dose of fright, frenemies, and their favorite young actress China Anne McClain. Ten Murder Island, also known as Ten, takes Lifetime fans on a journey to a remote island where a party turns deadly. Based on the teen horror mystery novel by Gretchen McNeil, Ten Murder Island follows Meg, played by China Anne McClain. It all unfolds after Meg receives an invite to an exclusive party on a remote island. What makes this especially appealing is no parents are allowed.

Despite her excitement about the upcoming event, Meg has a dark feeling in the pit of her stomach that tells her she probably shouldn’t go. Instead, Meg packs her bags, meets up with her best friend, Minnie, and pushes her reservations of doubt aside. After all, it’s a rare chance to have fun in the company of some very handsome guys. The Lifetime movie Ten Murder Island swoops in with shots of a beautiful palatial spread. It’s a stark contrast to the gloom and doom that permeates the mansion’s interior.


Lifetime Television’s official description for Ten Murder Island is below.

“When a storm leaves them stuck on the remote island, Meg finds herself navigating frenemies, former crushes, and fools while coming face-to-face with her past and her future. But when each of the teens starts to die off, one by one, Meg must solve the connection between herself and the other guests, none of which may be as innocent as they seem.”



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With Halloween just around the corner, Ten Murder Island sets the perfect mood. It is written by Gretchen McNeil and Chris Robert. Chris Robert is also the director and one of the executive producers on the television movie, along with China Anne McClain. The production credit for Ten Murder Island goes to Yale Productions. It stars Callan McAuliffe, Cassidy Gifford, Raquel Castro, and Rome Flynn. Ten Murder Island airs on the Lifetime channel tonight at 8/7 p.m. Central.



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