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Gavin Smith, John Lenzie Creech: ‘Dateline NBC’ ‘Dark Valley’ Episode About Missing Hollywood Film Exec Buried In Shallow Grave

Gavin Smith and John Lenzie Creech’s case is probed on Dateline NBC tonight. Dateline NBC “Dark Valley” explores the death of missing Hollywood film executive, Gavin Smith, who vanished into thin air five years ago. Authorities and the missing man’s wife looked frantically for him, the Huffington Post reported. However, according to Dateline NBC, the search turned up nothing. Gavin Smith was eventually declared dead. The case was investigated again by California detectives after hikers found the man’s body in a shallow grave. John Lenzie Creech was convicted for his death. Dateline NBC will interview Gavin Smith’s wife and Los Angeles detectives to provide a backstory on the case.


On tonight’s Dateline NBC episode “Dark Valley”

Los Angeles detectives search for clues in the disappearance of Gavin Smith. Amid reported sightings and suspicious circumstances, the case takes a dramatic turn when Gavin’s wife comes forward with a secret.


Gavin Smith John Lenzie Creech Murder File

The Los Angeles Times reported Gavin Smith disappeared in 2012. According to his wife, Gavin failed to pick up his child from school the next day. The missing dad was last seen at another residence, where he was living because difficulties with his wife had arisen.


When he didn’t return, his disappearance baffled detectives and his wife. In her mind, she knew they’d had their marital issues, but Gavin Smith would never fail to pick up his son. However, the loving and devoted dad had a secret life that led to his demise.


Dateline NBC reveals Gavin Smith was involved with shady people due to his addiction. To get help, Gavin Smith eventually checked himself into rehab, where he met a woman named Chandrika Creech. A strong attraction drew them together, and they began having a love affair. Both married, the affair caused problems at home with Gavin Smith’s wife and proved to be fatal once Chandrika Creech’s husband found out about the affair.



Sources say on the night Gavin Smith disappeared, John Creech, aka John Lenzie Creech, snuck up behind Gavin and Chandrika. Creech confronted Gavin Smith and an altercation ensued. A frightened Chandrika Creech ran, leaving her lover behind.


What detectives know now, according to Dateline NBC, is John Lenzie Creech killed Gavin Smith that night. After the killing, he wrapped the body in a sheet and placed it in a shallow grave in Antelope Valley. Gavin Smith stayed inside that dark hole in the ground for two years while his family looked for him.



John Lenzie Creech later told investigators it was all an accident, and that missing Fox executive Gavin Smith died during the struggle. At one time, police believed John Lenzie Creech shot Gavin. Dateline NBC will round out the story with more details when it airs tonight at 10/9 p.m. Central.



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