‘Evil Things’: TLC’s New Paranormal TV Series Premieres With Episode ‘Christmas Gift & Stolen Time’


Evil Things on TLC is the newest TV series to premiere on the channel. The reality-documentary focuses on the horrifying accounts of people who almost didn’t survive a paranormal experience. Told through first-person accounts, Evil Things recounts the haunting tales with great detail and suspense.


TLC’s Evil Things looks at seemingly innocent objects that later become vehicles for evil. The owners of these everyday items have no idea of their cursed nature until strange experiences begin wreaking havoc in their lives.


“Christmas Gift & Stolen Time”

In the first episode of Evil Things, TLC viewers meet Kara, a woman who goes on a camping trip with her boyfriend. However, when he gives her a camcorder as a Christmas gift, their camping trip turns into a nightmare as strange sounds and cries ring out in the woods. Kara begins putting the pieces of the puzzle together and later connects the camcording device to the previous owner, who turns out to be a kidnapper and murderer.



The second part of Evil Things‘ story deals with Justin, a married father who inherits a beautiful gold watch from his father. But when he begins having strange blackouts and almost kills his loved ones, he realizes the watch has a sinister history, which traces back to his long-lost dad.


Airing this Friday on the TLC Network, the new television documentary series begins on September 15. Check local listings for times. Evil Things is produced by Painless Productions with Fay Yu and Patrick DeLuca on as the executive producers.



[Main Image via TLC Network]

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