Kenneka Jenkins: What It Was Like In Rosemont Hotel Freezer, Death Timeline


Kenneka Jenkins (Kenneka Martin), the Rosemont Crowne Plaza Chicago Hotel visitor who disappeared during an Illinois party, was found dead in a freezer inside the hotel. Kenneka Jenkins, 19, also became the subject of a controversial Facebook viral video before her body was found. Now, her mother and sister, who suspect foul play, want to know what really happened. Kenneka went missing after leaving her home late Friday night. Her body was found in the hotel freezer on Sunday, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution report today.


Law enforcement investigators believe an intoxicated Kenneka Jenkins walked into the freezer on her own and died there. Kenneka’s mother, Tereasa Martin believes something more sinister happened. Her daughter planned to celebrate her new nursing home job with friends.


Those same friends contacted Kenneka Jenkins’ mother and told her they couldn’t find her. They said Kenneka waited in the hotel hallway while friends returned to the room to get her keys and cell phone. However, by the time they returned, she had disappeared into thin air.


Kenneka Jenkins’ mother and sister launched their own investigation after police instructed them to wait. They went to the hotel in Rosemont to see if anyone had seen Kenneka there. Tereasa Martin found police investigators and hotel staff unhelpful.


Tereasa Martin and her older daughter were horrified when Kenneka Jenkins’ body was located in the freezer at around 12:30 a.m. Investigators say the footage they’ve reviewed shows Kenneka staggering up and down the hallway. Her mother believes there is no way her daughter would have had the strength to open the heavy freezer doors by herself.


Kenneka Jenkins Brief Timeline

  • Friday, September 8: Kenneka Jenkins leaves her West Side home at around 11:30 p.m.
  • Saturday, September 9: Kenneka’s sister hears from her for the last time at 1:30 a.m. Hours later, her friends contact Kenneka Jenkins’ mother between 3:20 a.m. and 4:30 a.m., stating they are unable to find her. The victim’s mother and sister arrive at the hotel and demand a search.
  • Sunday, 12:30 a.m. Kenneka Jenkins’ body is located in the freezer.


How One Dies In A Freezer

Freezer deaths are not as uncommon as one might believe. Restaurant employees have reported locking themselves inside freezers accidentally. The hours spent inside would be excruciating if the victim is conscious upon entering. Experts say the following occurs when a person is trapped in a walk-in-freezer.


While locked inside, sheer panic sets in, and a frantic attempt to get out would occur. The victim then experiences extreme coldness. Shivering helps, in the beginning, but uses up the body’s energy. Eventually, the body temperature drops, painful frostbite occurs, breathing becomes rapid, labored, and then slows. Once the body cools and hypothermia sets in, the trapped person possibly dies from cardiac arrest.


Without an official cause of death from the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office, it is difficult to say exactly how Kenneka Jenkins died. Heavy reported that the hotel’s freezer was on and cold but wasn’t used to store food.



[Second Image via Kenneka Jenkins’ Facebook]

Jealous Friends?

Kenneka Jenkins was a popular young lady and had almost 5,000 friends on her Facebook page. Friends are taking to her memorial page to grieve. Those who knew Kenneka Jenkins describe her as a typical 19-year-old, who enjoyed hanging out with friends and documenting her life on social media through videos and photos.

Kenneka Jenkins (Kenneka Martin) was a pretty young lady with a gorgeous figure, and some say many women were jealous of her. Do those who were with Kenneka Jenkins that night know more than they say?


Tami Roman believes so. The Hollywood celebrity took to her Facebook page to say her heart goes out to the family and that Kenneka’s friends need to tell the truth about what went on inside the hotel room. For now, Kenneka Jenkins’ real friends deal with the shock and hurt. They say they’ll get justice, and that they’ll never forget her. Here is Kenneka Jenkins’ Facebook page.


Video Footage of Kenneka Jenkins

JUST IN: Surveillance video shows #KennekaJenkins before she was found dead in a Rosemont hotel freezer.

Posted by Vick Loso on Friday, September 15, 2017


[Main Image via Kenneka Jenkins/Facebook]

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