‘Thou Shalt Not’: Brittany Norwood Yoga Shop Lululemon Murder Season Opener Tonight


Thou Shalt Not, TV One’s new true TV crime drama, opens with the Brittany Norwood Lululemon yoga shop murder case. Brittany Norwood killed Jayna Murray, 30, in 2011 at the Lululemon Athletica shop after Jayna Murray discovered stolen high-end yoga pants in Brittany Norwood’s possession. Thou Shalt Not chronicles stories of murder about those who break the Ten Commandments and commit the unholiest crimes.


Thou Shalt Not episode on TV One

In Bethesda, Maryland, Brittany Norwood lands herself in a deadly situation. Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania, Damian Bradford and Donna Moonda can’t keep their adulterous hands to themselves.


Attractive and intelligent, Brittany Norwood was on her way to a distinguished college. However, her life spiraled out of control when she was arrested for the death of co-worker Jayna Murray.


Greedy Brittany Norwood wanted to work in nice neighborhoods and have expensive things, and she was willing to get those things at any cost.

However, the troubled woman never suspected Jayna Murray would be watching her every move at the yoga store. When Murray found out Brittany Norwood had stolen the pants, she immediately contacted her superiors.


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Afraid for her future, Brittany Norwood decided she wouldn’t let Jayna ruin her life, so she returned to kill Jayna Murray at closing time.

Then, Brittany Norwood bound herself and used a pair of men’s shoes to leave footprints for police. Her plan was to make it look like they were assaulted. The case fascinated the public but devastated Jayna Murray’s family and friends.


The prosecutors at the Lululemon Bethesda murder trial are trying to prove whether or not Brittany Norwood INTENDED to…

Posted by WUSA 9 on Thursday, October 27, 2011


What shocked everyone was there was nothing in Brittany’s personality that indicated she was capable of such a disturbing act. However, investigators found that an ex-boyfriend had taken out a restraining order on Brittany Norwood for stalking him years earlier, the Washington Post reported.


For her ungodly deeds, Brittany Norwood is serving a life sentence in prison with no opportunity for parole. Several true crime documentaries have re-enacted the murder story.


TV One’s Thou Shalt Not will also examine the Donna Moonda and Damian Bradford murder case tonight. True stories of dishonor, lust, and murder in the name of God begin tonight on the premiere of Thou Shalt Not at 10/9 p.m. Central.


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